Saturday, April 28, 2007

3 Bday suprise Tis Year.. sniff sniff.. so happy..

I would like to say thank you to all the people.. who wish me happy birthday.. and i think i have t mention Han and jaemy.. the reason i dint put their msn msg is becoz i lupa print screen.. and also Han he though my bday is on the 14th so he wish me the earliest.. he wan me die fast.."sat sei" my day is on "sat fatt"
So my first surprise was on the 14th of April which i posted earlier..

and then on the 18th April, the exact day.. another surprise from my dear dear..

Mua hahah Birthday Cup Cake.. look abit gay the way i smile.

Candle light picture..

And how we makan the cupcake.. we mix vit ice-cream.. SOOO NICE... ada banyak chocolate chips in it.. and the last one is celll group bday party aka SABO party

All acted normal when i first reach.. we makan happily.. then.. after makan they blind fold me and Tince (other bday gal)

It reminded me of somthing.. like performing the jihad thing on me..

if u see properly the guy tat push me down the pool went down with me.. i think he wants to join the part too.. LOL actually he was push by another guy.. HAHA

and he was calling me to see how to take a big leap.. but i see nothing

Sooooo Cold after i come out from the water...

consider lucky for me.. Tince got ice-cream all over her body..

With great surprises comes great present..

The eye glow in da dark wan.. dun prey prey again.. diberi oleh Evonne's mom..

My mom gave me some of these.. coz i used her money to buy hahaha consider bday present also.

cool jacket.. and cool card with lots of wishes.. heheh from my cell group frens..

Its Been Awhile..

Sorry guys for keeping u all waiting for my post (macamlah) Been busy this whole week doing assignments which is tough... so by saying thank you once again for visiting, i would like to entertain u guys with one of my "dance dance revolution pro remix and rap off the world 6"...

Monday, April 23, 2007

Where Is Hiro Nakamura ?

Everyone is anxious waiting for Heroes to come back on tv. There has been a news lately that due to the missing of the character Hiro in Heroes they have to take a 'rest'. This is no joke he really went missing. The good news is they found him here in Australia. So he decided to head back to the states to continue his series. Why i know all this.. because i get to catch a glimpse of him when he was here. He looks different without his glasses on and put on abit of weight.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Aday.. FULL of suprises..!

First of all i would like to thank my mom for giving birth to such a wonderful charming handsome boy to this world on the 18th of April. This is a special post i dedicate to myself.. hehehe. Let me introduce you all to the clans.

These below are the ones tat make this happen.

Best and prettiest president ever !

It all happen on the 14th of april, when evonne was forcing me to go out. I have no idea wat was going on but i made her a promise to go out together.. so we went to the city everything was looking good and we went back at around 6pm. On my way to my house, evonne was like shouting and me, talking very loud.. i have no idea why.. so i dont care and jus open the door to my house and....BOOM BANG BONG ! to tell u the truth i nearly nearly run down from the stairs.. i thought it was some explosion going on.

Really scare the hell out of me ! I was so surprise coz i dint expect this at all.. well done guys.. u made this realy realy surprising.. Thank you all.

Me with my so call uncle pose.

WOOOO HOOO !!! and also some special appearance

Here are some of the pressies i have. Chunted man..

DVD from my dear dear and figure from her aunt(niko)

From t
And here is a list to those people that wanted to buy me stuff but dont really know wat to buy for me.. here is my wish list.

And here are some of the wishes i have.

Look carefully this is a tricky one

A very creative and make me happy way

Caring in a way but dont want to show he cares

Think he is the first guy in the world tat wish first punya wish (lol)

And now wat is a birthday without a birthday song..Enjoy

Its a remix song using Hari raya song and Hari jadi lyrics

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Wildlife Park.

Ok steve irwin wanabe.. since u like animal so much.. i will post this jus for u.. Recently i went to Balarat Wildlife Park.. yes its Wildlife Park. Alot of wildlife u can see.

Its takes about 1 hour 30 minutes to reach this wildlife park. Its like from kl to malacca. Now Steve Irwin wanabe, this are the things we saw there.


And more kangaroos.


Tasmania devil.. which i dint aspect it looks like this, should be like this..

and many more like wombat(ass onli), tortoise, crocodile dan lain-lain.

So now i shall introduce you guys to the kangaroo families.

I thinks Steve Irwin wanabe wont be interested in all these animals.. but im sure he will the love the next kangaroo family..

Footie day

I thought i will never ever get to play futbal again. But my dream come true.. i was actually called by my frens to play.. wooo hoo.. and before the game start i saw this guy..

He is damn tall super duper tall.. look at the way he sit and u know wat i mean, but the thing tat caught my eye on him is.. he looks alot like Frank Lampard !

See.. like him rite.. nearly went and ask for signature.. but his Yao Ming like height tells me he is not.

Okie so when the day finally come i notice i dont have any rite outfit for the game.. so i jus wear anything thta i felt comfortable..

I dint know i look like hunchback of notredame when i play.. and i bet my frens will say i look more like somthing else than jus look at the cbox and see wat he has to say....