Saturday, April 28, 2007

3 Bday suprise Tis Year.. sniff sniff.. so happy..

I would like to say thank you to all the people.. who wish me happy birthday.. and i think i have t mention Han and jaemy.. the reason i dint put their msn msg is becoz i lupa print screen.. and also Han he though my bday is on the 14th so he wish me the earliest.. he wan me die fast.."sat sei" my day is on "sat fatt"
So my first surprise was on the 14th of April which i posted earlier..

and then on the 18th April, the exact day.. another surprise from my dear dear..

Mua hahah Birthday Cup Cake.. look abit gay the way i smile.

Candle light picture..

And how we makan the cupcake.. we mix vit ice-cream.. SOOO NICE... ada banyak chocolate chips in it.. and the last one is celll group bday party aka SABO party

All acted normal when i first reach.. we makan happily.. then.. after makan they blind fold me and Tince (other bday gal)

It reminded me of somthing.. like performing the jihad thing on me..

if u see properly the guy tat push me down the pool went down with me.. i think he wants to join the part too.. LOL actually he was push by another guy.. HAHA

and he was calling me to see how to take a big leap.. but i see nothing

Sooooo Cold after i come out from the water...

consider lucky for me.. Tince got ice-cream all over her body..

With great surprises comes great present..

The eye glow in da dark wan.. dun prey prey again.. diberi oleh Evonne's mom..

My mom gave me some of these.. coz i used her money to buy hahaha consider bday present also.

cool jacket.. and cool card with lots of wishes.. heheh from my cell group frens..

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