Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Aday.. FULL of suprises..!

First of all i would like to thank my mom for giving birth to such a wonderful charming handsome boy to this world on the 18th of April. This is a special post i dedicate to myself.. hehehe. Let me introduce you all to the clans.

These below are the ones tat make this happen.

Best and prettiest president ever !

It all happen on the 14th of april, when evonne was forcing me to go out. I have no idea wat was going on but i made her a promise to go out together.. so we went to the city everything was looking good and we went back at around 6pm. On my way to my house, evonne was like shouting and me, talking very loud.. i have no idea why.. so i dont care and jus open the door to my house and....BOOM BANG BONG ! to tell u the truth i nearly nearly run down from the stairs.. i thought it was some explosion going on.

Really scare the hell out of me ! I was so surprise coz i dint expect this at all.. well done guys.. u made this realy realy surprising.. Thank you all.

Me with my so call uncle pose.

WOOOO HOOO !!! and also some special appearance

Here are some of the pressies i have. Chunted man..

DVD from my dear dear and figure from her aunt(niko)

From t
And here is a list to those people that wanted to buy me stuff but dont really know wat to buy for me.. here is my wish list.

And here are some of the wishes i have.

Look carefully this is a tricky one

A very creative and make me happy way

Caring in a way but dont want to show he cares

Think he is the first guy in the world tat wish first punya wish (lol)

And now wat is a birthday without a birthday song..Enjoy

Its a remix song using Hari raya song and Hari jadi lyrics


Jessica said...

"BOOM BANG BONG ! to tell u the truth i nearly nearly run down from the stairs.. "

I laughed out loud when I read this part. *lol*

if the virginia tech massacre were to happen before, yuu would probably thought it's a gunshot instead?

anyway, seriously very sorry that i had totally forgotten. luckily yuu have a blog and i am "reminded" of it. a little late but "happy 22nd bithday to yuu!!" :)

Jeremy said...

hehehe yaman i really tertakut wan ler.. got sparks summore who also scared ah...