Sunday, April 15, 2007

Footie day

I thought i will never ever get to play futbal again. But my dream come true.. i was actually called by my frens to play.. wooo hoo.. and before the game start i saw this guy..

He is damn tall super duper tall.. look at the way he sit and u know wat i mean, but the thing tat caught my eye on him is.. he looks alot like Frank Lampard !

See.. like him rite.. nearly went and ask for signature.. but his Yao Ming like height tells me he is not.

Okie so when the day finally come i notice i dont have any rite outfit for the game.. so i jus wear anything thta i felt comfortable..

I dint know i look like hunchback of notredame when i play.. and i bet my frens will say i look more like somthing else than jus look at the cbox and see wat he has to say....

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