Sunday, April 1, 2007

A very very IDIOTIC possum !!

If you guys have seen Evonne's blog u probably know which is the damn possum. I bet that possum is a female. Why ? Coz Im the onli one tat have encounter it.

well this is the onli sight we had of this idiotic possum !

This is a bad possum because it stained the ceiling in my room .. im so worried tat the stain will come dripping all the way from the ceiling.. YULK !

I hope this wont happen to me.

One day when i was bathing that fella jus put its nose through the window and start sniffing wat shampoo im using.. im so scared that it will come in and bite away my precious.

That dun really piss me off but the thing that make me call it an idiotic possum is because.. it lives rite on top of my ceiling where i put my bed, and in the middle of the nite.. like around 5 am.. almost everyday..

The tulanness in me is unmeasurable.. feel like punching it through the ceiling...

but i cant.. if tat happen i have to pay for renovation...