Thursday, April 5, 2007

Uncle COKE ?

Okie before i start the lost my mac post .. its an APRIL FOOL joke.. so whoever kena tipu i will say GOTCHA...

Now... there is this particular man we call him UNCLE COKE.. why.. we started noticing him when one day me and Evonne were hanging cloths and we saw him.. This was taken on Tuesday.

Why this is the onli guy i take notice is because this fella will sit down there for like half an hour, he will then have a diet coke by his side and a pack of tobacco. He will enjoy the whole bottle of coke and also his own made cigarette. Well after that he will jus go off.




Saturday and so on.. till one day..

He was nowhere to be seen.. and there goes his life... he taught me a very good lesson. Dont drink coke and smoke. Lets all pray for him..

OMG..!! i saw him again at chapel street.. he is not DEAD !! he jus shifted his camp site.. i think he notice we are taking pictures of him.. hehe.. means now i can still enjoy my coke..

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Jessica said...

wtf?! that man must be really really free.