Sunday, April 15, 2007

Wildlife Park.

Ok steve irwin wanabe.. since u like animal so much.. i will post this jus for u.. Recently i went to Balarat Wildlife Park.. yes its Wildlife Park. Alot of wildlife u can see.

Its takes about 1 hour 30 minutes to reach this wildlife park. Its like from kl to malacca. Now Steve Irwin wanabe, this are the things we saw there.


And more kangaroos.


Tasmania devil.. which i dint aspect it looks like this, should be like this..

and many more like wombat(ass onli), tortoise, crocodile dan lain-lain.

So now i shall introduce you guys to the kangaroo families.

I thinks Steve Irwin wanabe wont be interested in all these animals.. but im sure he will the love the next kangaroo family..


Jessica said...

omg! so cute the kangaroos!! the 3rd picture looks like yuu gonna rape the kangaroos! hahah.

hmm.. the steve irwin wannabe is.. toh???

Jeremy said...

yeah .. its toh.. LOL