Thursday, December 31, 2009

Opis Christmas

My first christmas celebration kat office.

we decided not to go anywhere for dinner instead we call food to us. Alot oh super makanan we ordered.

giler drinks,

and not to miss out, the presents for exchanging. If u all know me well u all might guess which is mine.

so start to makan la all, then when it comes prize ceremony, i felt damn excited n waiting who will b getting mine.

ini la victim of my pressie, my wrapping paper is made of One World Hotel A4 paper n wrap with cellophane tape all round. To unwrap it ur hand will be damn sticky.

end up its jus an normal picture frame with my picture on it, sure damn 7 tulan, hahahaha

nah see la tis is my present.

zoom closer n see wat i wrote.

lucky Debbie chose c, so she get to change with other present i brought.

so ini la dia everyone, not everyone la some of us showing the pressies we kena.

a random pic of Lvis which gave us an idea to transform her into a Shiong Hoi Tan (Shanghai Noon) chracter.

Lo hong pan.... Lo hong lau....

ini dia colleague aku semua with a group pic, tis is us and guess whose the boss. heheheh

the best pic for the day. Christmas is all about sharing n caring so... ini dia caring hahaha. Cheng Cheng seems to like it.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Company Craps

Here are some of the office craps we did, fun n entertaining, stress free too.

where there is no electric in ur office, its like heaven, u can do pretty much watever u like, pretending a drug addict or

take a nap, making sure its jus a nap or else...

experimenting with camera exposure effect.

or playing with multiburst shot with fast shutter speed.

colleagues decorating u with pink earring jus because u wear pink on tat day.

also never expose ur ass like anywhere when there is camera around,

or it will jus ended with pics like tis.

u will know whether u r a good singer or not.

erm i duno, torturing can also b practice in our place ?

also never ever bring pets to office, it will jus b the main entertainment for the whole day.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Back with sexier post.

Dun ask, i jus come n go. Here is a good come back for my readers (guys).

PC Fair day, had nothign to do,want to update my self with some new gadgets, so me n Toh decided to go KLCC for tis PC Fair event.

the main reason i was there was to see the poster i did, see damn chun rite and also to ambik my brocure we did. MUSIC NEVER STOPS... gaya betul.

and also some booths design for my colleagues to see see, but one thing i realize is, when u are holding a super big gun, ppl thought u are some super professional which im not, hahah but those ppl jus post for u.

u get wat i mean, i was jus trying to take a pic of the booth but ppl jus post for me, and so i try to move my camera around searching for models.

very spontaneous, they start posing for me, i dont have to say anything.

wave at them abit point point on my camera n chi chiak, say thank you n bye bye forever.

getting more berani each time i ask for them to post, not letting them know im jus a beginner, LOL.

one by one

from booth to booth

from brand to the other

even beside the trash bin

posing differently

showing stuff differently.... but wait till u see the next pic, u think tis is the best chick ? No way, scroll down la

Tis is the best Chick i tell u.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bye bye to my wisdom

Haha after so long, come back n show gross pic kekekeke.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Spidey went Studio

Had some time some time ago, and decided to do some spidey figure shooting myself.

Made my own mini studio with jus a black mounting board i took frm office. Kekekeke. Pinjam onli.

All of my models came from the same range, its from the movie spiderman 3

because there are jus bust (statue setengah badan) so means there is this big bulk after the body to hold it.

tats why all of them are jus half body, hehehe

but tis vinyl is different its from kotobukiya (company) its a full statue made frm vinyl

same bust also, but jus close up.

here are the 3 main models i use, one thing good bout them is i can post n take my own sweet time taking pics of them. Obviously the bad thing is there isnt any articulation.

so i try my best to catch the super dramatic angle of these figures.

all of these pics is not photoshop jus crop and resize.

i personally love tis shot alot so i decided to do some photoshopping on it, above is the before make up.

after make up... oooo la la.