Monday, December 28, 2009

Back with sexier post.

Dun ask, i jus come n go. Here is a good come back for my readers (guys).

PC Fair day, had nothign to do,want to update my self with some new gadgets, so me n Toh decided to go KLCC for tis PC Fair event.

the main reason i was there was to see the poster i did, see damn chun rite and also to ambik my brocure we did. MUSIC NEVER STOPS... gaya betul.

and also some booths design for my colleagues to see see, but one thing i realize is, when u are holding a super big gun, ppl thought u are some super professional which im not, hahah but those ppl jus post for u.

u get wat i mean, i was jus trying to take a pic of the booth but ppl jus post for me, and so i try to move my camera around searching for models.

very spontaneous, they start posing for me, i dont have to say anything.

wave at them abit point point on my camera n chi chiak, say thank you n bye bye forever.

getting more berani each time i ask for them to post, not letting them know im jus a beginner, LOL.

one by one

from booth to booth

from brand to the other

even beside the trash bin

posing differently

showing stuff differently.... but wait till u see the next pic, u think tis is the best chick ? No way, scroll down la

Tis is the best Chick i tell u.


Jessica said...

the first girl look pretty. from which booth?

and i like the end of yur post. haha!

Jeremy said...

erm i think she is from those Notebook Skin thing, not sure which wan d.

hahaha chun chick rite kekekeke