Thursday, December 31, 2009

Opis Christmas

My first christmas celebration kat office.

we decided not to go anywhere for dinner instead we call food to us. Alot oh super makanan we ordered.

giler drinks,

and not to miss out, the presents for exchanging. If u all know me well u all might guess which is mine.

so start to makan la all, then when it comes prize ceremony, i felt damn excited n waiting who will b getting mine.

ini la victim of my pressie, my wrapping paper is made of One World Hotel A4 paper n wrap with cellophane tape all round. To unwrap it ur hand will be damn sticky.

end up its jus an normal picture frame with my picture on it, sure damn 7 tulan, hahahaha

nah see la tis is my present.

zoom closer n see wat i wrote.

lucky Debbie chose c, so she get to change with other present i brought.

so ini la dia everyone, not everyone la some of us showing the pressies we kena.

a random pic of Lvis which gave us an idea to transform her into a Shiong Hoi Tan (Shanghai Noon) chracter.

Lo hong pan.... Lo hong lau....

ini dia colleague aku semua with a group pic, tis is us and guess whose the boss. heheheh

the best pic for the day. Christmas is all about sharing n caring so... ini dia caring hahaha. Cheng Cheng seems to like it.


Jessica said...

i like yur gift idea. very creative!

Jeremy said...

wah kakakak terima kasih, but will make ppl abit tulan at first. hahah