Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Company Craps

Here are some of the office craps we did, fun n entertaining, stress free too.

where there is no electric in ur office, its like heaven, u can do pretty much watever u like, pretending a drug addict or

take a nap, making sure its jus a nap or else...

experimenting with camera exposure effect.

or playing with multiburst shot with fast shutter speed.

colleagues decorating u with pink earring jus because u wear pink on tat day.

also never expose ur ass like anywhere when there is camera around,

or it will jus ended with pics like tis.

u will know whether u r a good singer or not.

erm i duno, torturing can also b practice in our place ?

also never ever bring pets to office, it will jus b the main entertainment for the whole day.


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