Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Do u know?

Did you know...

we got ourselves a PS MOVE !! Such a rare thing to find in msia sold out everywhere or shops selling it for more than RM298 (sony malaysia price)... but lucky us we got ourselves a set of these controllers with the Sony price.

Its fun and entertaining. People start declaring themselves as robin hood or gladiator after playing the game.

Come come and try try. Beat me in PING PONG !!

Did you know...

I bump into alot of green bugs recently. A green moth

A green dunno wat..

and a green praying mantis.

and not to forget not green but geli... a big fat tick...

Kasi squash it with my finger.. splat.. !!!

Did you know...

thos comments people left me are not my friends! bloody ass ciz ciz ! saying very informative stuff like tat just sucks big time.. wonder wat they learn about here hahaha

Did you know

another work i did sudah keluar on JUICE magazine

yeap.. its about HTC again.. hahahah

and i left my name once again on one of the stickers. MUA HAHAHAHA

Did you know...

if you log on to Mint website u might find my face there.

tis pic was taken when i was in the JUICE event. kekekekeek.

Did you know...

my fat psp is back from the dead because of this game, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.


The word SUIT n SUITE will haunt me forever...

I KENA GOTCHA MCB !!! it was on air on 30th September 2010.

thank you Julian. Now i will pronounce my word properly.

Monday, September 6, 2010


During the long holiday went up to Genting to try some luck

We reach there around 12 so dun have feel yet to go casino so we walk around,

Aden the poser,

yeah a shadow killer was walking around the shops there,

its just me wearing Lynette's baju sejuk.

we wanted to watch movie but then there is not nice movie on that day.

so we went for this 4D motion master thing

Which i think its a waste of money coz there isnt any super movement during the movie, quite boring.

after that we went for marry brown which is pretty rare in KL, and speaking of it, felt like makanning it now hahahaha

AFter Marry Brown casino time !!!

Few hours later, came out a happy man !!

Then after all the makan makan and judi judi, we went to the arcade to win some stuff.

the games are so damn mahil, giler babi mahil, n those machines looks old.

we had like 140 someting tickets and i thought its alot but then ...

We cant event exchange for a plastic pencil box case...

we spent RM40 for a 2 pen and a bloody sticker. Which i think i can get it for less than RM5.

So to not waste our 40 kau of funness me n toh dcided to kenakan Aden

Stick the whole sticker behind Adens back, he was walking around the whole Genting with the sticker behind him, all the promoter was laughing and he even went in the casino, imagine that.. i think he made himself famous.

Oh and if u spend RM40 kau in the arcade you get a free robot toy.

Eating at genting is really expensive... my Bak Kut Teh cost around RM40 !!! for 2 person... crazy giler mahil.

Mus feed my robot also, so expensive mus let everyone try..

went back to the hotel room late nite, we got nothing else better to do and decided to put ake up on me and take a few scandalous pic with Aden, LOL

The end of first day.

The next day we suppose to go back early to catch a futsal match, but it was canceled.

so then we headed back to the casino...

it was all tohs idea to go back there, i was wearing shorts but he insist me to change to long pants jus in case.

balik ke casino we shall, here u see Aden trying to get revenge for sticking his shirt.

came out from casino... not very happy man... the most unhappy man was Toh. He got pawned by Uncle Lim. Like superbly pawned.

The very last pic my camera took... thought they were hot chicks.. manatau... haiz

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Been hearing about tis ecoba thing pretty often and dcided to go and see see and look look.

A nice place to chill and hang out, the website is nice so i thought why not give it a try

its in the BATA building in Damansara Perdana.


its a pretty bad first time experience for us,

its not a good place for dinner,

erm its kinda hard to communicate with most of the waiter as most of them are foreign workers. Because of that we had a miscommunication, Trisha waited for her food for hours and in the end sians till cancel it liou.

The food is nothing to be fancy about, normal.

will i ever go back there again.. i dunno but not for dinner for sure.

still the best thing to do is to swap ppls faces, kekekeke, here is Toh and Justin

Ta Da... !!!