Sunday, September 5, 2010


Been hearing about tis ecoba thing pretty often and dcided to go and see see and look look.

A nice place to chill and hang out, the website is nice so i thought why not give it a try

its in the BATA building in Damansara Perdana.


its a pretty bad first time experience for us,

its not a good place for dinner,

erm its kinda hard to communicate with most of the waiter as most of them are foreign workers. Because of that we had a miscommunication, Trisha waited for her food for hours and in the end sians till cancel it liou.

The food is nothing to be fancy about, normal.

will i ever go back there again.. i dunno but not for dinner for sure.

still the best thing to do is to swap ppls faces, kekekeke, here is Toh and Justin

Ta Da... !!!

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