Monday, January 14, 2008

Coco and the Guinea Pig


Have you guys watch alvin and the chipmunks. HEHEHE its nice and makes me think back how much i watch it when i was young.

Ive even downloaded the cartoon. It was the first chipmunk movie and im surprise many people have not watch it before or mayb theyve forgotten. ITS CLASSIC

The movie has many AW... moments especially Theodore. He is so cute. Watch it, its nice.
For those who have watch it, i heard they are coming out with a sequel in a year time. Sh... its top secret. Ive manage to get my hands on the new poster and here it is.

If guys dont mind loading, watch the whole trailer. Its cool.

No guinea pigs were harm, jus abit of shock. Still alive.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Possum on my Rooftop ?


Do you all still remember the friendly annoying Mr Possum that lives on top of my roof. The thing is, we barely hear it scratching the ceiling anymore. One of the main reason is, i think it is dead and we buried it.

It was found lying by the side of the road by Yi Xiang. He took it back thinking he might save it and keep it as a pet.

M3: U wan keep ah, after run away wan sure
Yi Xiang: No la wont, i guarantee
M3: Wah how sure are you ? u know those stories in saving birds in the end the birds also fly away.
Yi Xiang: No way, not Mr Possum,
M3: Why ?
Yi Xiang: His leg paralyze. Cant move at at all. Neway he died yesterday when i take him back.

So he threw it at the trash bin and plan to bury tat fella the next morning and so we did.

It was wrap in newspapers to preserve it from getting stinky

Digging started for awhile and we realize its not goin any deeper and so we give up and find for another spot

The soil here was quite soft, so we dig dig dig and dig, while mr possum is waiting for his grave.

Jus to show clearly how possum actually looks like we took a picture of it, and from tis view it looks like it can be a nice door mat. But the intestines have to be out.. so better not think of tat

But it doesnt look like its dead.. he look so cute.. cant imagine the bastard on top of my roof looks so cute.

place it on the hole we dig and time for speech and some tears from Yi Xiang

About the tombstone.. we ended up putting the spoon we use to dig the grave.

Its still there.

P.S. its not confirm tis is the bloody possum on my rooftop

Friday, January 11, 2008

Yet another Linkin Park

SPOT Day (Spidey Pose Of The Day)

There is no stopping for us after the glass breaking incident. Straight after tat we did another video of Linkin Park. and tis time the whole song with no glass breaking. Jus FUN

Time when Linkin Park was famous.

Before i show u guys anything here is spidey pose of the day.

Alrite, do you all still remember Linkin Park, im sure everyone does.. everyone was playing it, singing it and watever you can think off. It was years when me and my crazy frens are still in secondary. I first bought our video camera which i dont know where it went now.. it was so fun to have something like tat around recording almost everything we can think of. And wat im about to show is something we wil never forget. Tis video was actually gone for like ages and then ive got it back from Nick(My couzs) fren. I have to thank her for it becoz for helping us distributing it around so it wont vanish.. LOL
Here is the video and its a MUST WATCH

Pay lots of attention to John after he take out his shirt at 1.36 min.PAY SUPER ATTENTION at 1.54 min, the quality is abit jagged there.. so LISTEN.

My Ebay Experience

Never before I dare to buy anything from the internet because of all the scam i heard.. but as for ebay its a company tats been awhile so i think its should be alrite by now. WHY did i go for ebay. I think some of you might guess it d ..

Yes.. SPIDERMAN.. and the price.. so cheap, i can not, not buy it for tat price.. so i hurry up and register an account for
and start bidding.. and waited for the time to end.. and guess wat.. i WON !! and start paying with paypal which i register on the same day. HEHE

Days later.

The parcel arrive

and when i open it, SHIT ! its not he one i had in mind.. tis is onli 32cm tall and i thought its was the 42cm spidrman which im looking for.. haiz but

the seller attach with the note saying she will also put in a surprise for me, hehe

WOO HOO and i have a doc oct to go with my spidey now.. but doc oct doesnt have any tentacles with him.. so he is jus an ordinary human who wans to be doc oct but dont have enough money to get the tentacles.

jus hours later after i got it.. i went back to ebay to look for more since i dint get scam.. and guess wat !!

I found it and it so so so cheap.. people are selling RM200 for it, without hesitating i start to bid. And im the onli bidder, HAHA. Won the bidding and pay with pay pal again.

days later.. parcel was sent rite to my doorstep, while i was sleeping. Was so blur.

Bubble wrap nicely. Open it up with excitement while smelling my own stinky breath.

Jus look at the size of this thing.. its around 1kg and 42cm in height. And the amazing thing is.. it can strike almost any pose you wish..

even Evonne was impress with tis massive strong spidey. As i said earlier i was nicely wrap in a bubble wrap and the seller even put in some spongy polyester to protect it.

but he puts onli 4 in... so its like

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Crocs Vs Havaianas

My slipper i brought here has already worn out,been wearing it for months, and all the while i though im wearing a giodarno slipper and when Evonne laugh at me one day saying it was Giardono, and then onli i realise....

and all of us got persuade by leeq, me evonne and yumeko each of us bought a havaianas...

after a few days wearing it.. it starts to cut my legs and complaining to leeq, blaming him. hahahaha. in the end i cant stand the pain on my foot and decided to get CROCS

Really wana try how good is it and how comfy they say it is.

and i did bought it. It was LIGHT, PERFECT , AWESOME and love it.

and now they wil follow me wherever i go. Look at the ad and u can imagine how light it is... no regrets now.

NEW YEAR ! new fone !

At last ive decied to buy a new phone.. although its a new fone to me, its a old model, but i like.. hehehehe

Old fone
Model 6610 Nokia
at least 4 years old ( AT LEAST )

for the first few weeks my 6610 sreen was crack when i accidently hit the corner of a table.. jus a few weeks ! and on tat day onwards ive been using it with the crack screen for 4 years. y not get a fake cover ? easy when i am on the fone the original cover seems to be louder then the fake one, tats y i stick o it till now. Years pass and the fone can be put in Nokias museum and be name FIRST NOKIA COLOUR FONE. i have to admit im kinda embarrass sometimes. HEHEH tats y u can see me holding my fone tis way all the time


New Fone
Model 810i Sony

i hold my fone in a different way now