Saturday, January 12, 2008

Possum on my Rooftop ?


Do you all still remember the friendly annoying Mr Possum that lives on top of my roof. The thing is, we barely hear it scratching the ceiling anymore. One of the main reason is, i think it is dead and we buried it.

It was found lying by the side of the road by Yi Xiang. He took it back thinking he might save it and keep it as a pet.

M3: U wan keep ah, after run away wan sure
Yi Xiang: No la wont, i guarantee
M3: Wah how sure are you ? u know those stories in saving birds in the end the birds also fly away.
Yi Xiang: No way, not Mr Possum,
M3: Why ?
Yi Xiang: His leg paralyze. Cant move at at all. Neway he died yesterday when i take him back.

So he threw it at the trash bin and plan to bury tat fella the next morning and so we did.

It was wrap in newspapers to preserve it from getting stinky

Digging started for awhile and we realize its not goin any deeper and so we give up and find for another spot

The soil here was quite soft, so we dig dig dig and dig, while mr possum is waiting for his grave.

Jus to show clearly how possum actually looks like we took a picture of it, and from tis view it looks like it can be a nice door mat. But the intestines have to be out.. so better not think of tat

But it doesnt look like its dead.. he look so cute.. cant imagine the bastard on top of my roof looks so cute.

place it on the hole we dig and time for speech and some tears from Yi Xiang

About the tombstone.. we ended up putting the spoon we use to dig the grave.

Its still there.

P.S. its not confirm tis is the bloody possum on my rooftop

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Julia said...

omg u guys...

i'm really speechless...
and i laughed really2 hard when i saw the video...