Friday, January 11, 2008

My Ebay Experience

Never before I dare to buy anything from the internet because of all the scam i heard.. but as for ebay its a company tats been awhile so i think its should be alrite by now. WHY did i go for ebay. I think some of you might guess it d ..

Yes.. SPIDERMAN.. and the price.. so cheap, i can not, not buy it for tat price.. so i hurry up and register an account for
and start bidding.. and waited for the time to end.. and guess wat.. i WON !! and start paying with paypal which i register on the same day. HEHE

Days later.

The parcel arrive

and when i open it, SHIT ! its not he one i had in mind.. tis is onli 32cm tall and i thought its was the 42cm spidrman which im looking for.. haiz but

the seller attach with the note saying she will also put in a surprise for me, hehe

WOO HOO and i have a doc oct to go with my spidey now.. but doc oct doesnt have any tentacles with him.. so he is jus an ordinary human who wans to be doc oct but dont have enough money to get the tentacles.

jus hours later after i got it.. i went back to ebay to look for more since i dint get scam.. and guess wat !!

I found it and it so so so cheap.. people are selling RM200 for it, without hesitating i start to bid. And im the onli bidder, HAHA. Won the bidding and pay with pay pal again.

days later.. parcel was sent rite to my doorstep, while i was sleeping. Was so blur.

Bubble wrap nicely. Open it up with excitement while smelling my own stinky breath.

Jus look at the size of this thing.. its around 1kg and 42cm in height. And the amazing thing is.. it can strike almost any pose you wish..

even Evonne was impress with tis massive strong spidey. As i said earlier i was nicely wrap in a bubble wrap and the seller even put in some spongy polyester to protect it.

but he puts onli 4 in... so its like

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