Sunday, January 6, 2008

NEW YEAR ! new fone !

At last ive decied to buy a new phone.. although its a new fone to me, its a old model, but i like.. hehehehe

Old fone
Model 6610 Nokia
at least 4 years old ( AT LEAST )

for the first few weeks my 6610 sreen was crack when i accidently hit the corner of a table.. jus a few weeks ! and on tat day onwards ive been using it with the crack screen for 4 years. y not get a fake cover ? easy when i am on the fone the original cover seems to be louder then the fake one, tats y i stick o it till now. Years pass and the fone can be put in Nokias museum and be name FIRST NOKIA COLOUR FONE. i have to admit im kinda embarrass sometimes. HEHEH tats y u can see me holding my fone tis way all the time


New Fone
Model 810i Sony

i hold my fone in a different way now

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