Monday, January 14, 2008

Coco and the Guinea Pig


Have you guys watch alvin and the chipmunks. HEHEHE its nice and makes me think back how much i watch it when i was young.

Ive even downloaded the cartoon. It was the first chipmunk movie and im surprise many people have not watch it before or mayb theyve forgotten. ITS CLASSIC

The movie has many AW... moments especially Theodore. He is so cute. Watch it, its nice.
For those who have watch it, i heard they are coming out with a sequel in a year time. Sh... its top secret. Ive manage to get my hands on the new poster and here it is.

If guys dont mind loading, watch the whole trailer. Its cool.

No guinea pigs were harm, jus abit of shock. Still alive.

1 comment:

shuifen said...

omg. damn kesian the guinea pigs!! sure got big shock and traumatized!! LOL.

and i actually prefer the 2D version of alvin & the chipmunks. still enjoy the 3D movie though cuz the music is nice! :P