Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mac Os Leopard !

Recently Apple came out with a new operating system, I want one, and so i did.

Time to instal.. WOOO HOOO

Hours later.. its all done and im so happy to try out the new stuff.. n here are some of it.

New Dashboard

A new function called STACK, where u put it in ur dashboard and make your desktop looks cleaner without any icon on it coz all of it is in stack

Time Machine, automatically back up all you files for you, even you have deleted it,weeks later u can still retrieve it. External hard disk require

by pressing space bar on ur keyboard, u can view the contents of the file straight away without opening the supported sortware, example pdf, doc etc

no more jpeg icon anymore, you can actually view the content of the jpeg now which windows already had tat feature long time ago.

view files with style

Spaces, erm.. lets you create a few 'monitor' so tat u can have much bigger space to do your work. Try it to understand .. LOL

and and tis is damn cool for font lovers, now u can jus press print on any font chosen and they will automatically help you layout nicely.

and new and improve photo booth, drag and drop any background and you can fake your way to anywhere.

But i discover something, apple is also trying to let us know they are not as white as u guys think, simply jus put the packaging of the leopard software togeda and

MEOW ..!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Base on a TRUE story.

as requested by Julian, It happened back in Malaysia..

What happen next was, they have to be pulled away from each other and the game stopped. No one was hurt or bleed. The climax of the story was the taking out shirt part.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Who guess it rite ? cracking ur head ? well it need a little bit of clicking if u wana know the answer, but i shall review it to u guys now.

Tis was another pic taken, Leeq looking disgusted by the balls

Oh ya and incase u guys are wondering whose the one tat is taking the pic ? its Evonne, but im the one tat call her to.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Working As A Kuli

Life is hard in Australia if you dont have money, erm no.. life is hard everywhere if you dont have money. So in order to have a better life here. I work, but not for long. It was recommend by Johnny. The pay was not bad AT FIRST. 120 aus a day. From 7am till 4pm. It takes about 45 minutes to reach there. I have to stay in Hermins (soccer fren) hse in the city coz there is no train in my area tat goes to the city at 5am.

Here is wat i do..

Well actually not tis, its jus me and Johnny posing after we finish out work. The real thing i did was tis..

First take all grab some wood and align them nicely. After they are nicely align, tilt your head to see the video wats next

and after the machine gun stapling, i need to stack it up till it reach 100 and call someone to toll it away.

I cant even finish 100 the first time, and on the second time i improve, and then the bad news come, they said they are going to charge 50 cent a piece i make, n i was like .. WAT !!

the second time i did 120 pieces which they still pay me 120 aus but i never go back anymore coz its gona be 50 cent for one the next time i go. NO WAY !

Spot the Odd Ball

The name of the title was invented by Yi Xiang..here is how it works.
Look at the picture below and try to spot wat is strange about the picture. Those who have the answer(s) keep it to urself. And i will review the answer(s) later n you will whethere u get it right or wrong.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My psp Pal .. MUA HAHAHA

Its been awhile since i bought my psp and ive been playing with it all by myself.. but things change, im no longer alone.. mua hahahah...

Lessayno recieve his precious psp and rush to my house. Open it in front of me. Its the newer version of my psp and im excited for him too.

DROOOOOLING... the different of it from my OLD one is..

Its lighter


Buttons higher for more easy button smashing actions

Different way of inserting the memory stick.

Bigger UMD slot, which i dont care, coz i never buy any UMD now


Its jus sad but dont care, now i have a psp mate to play with .. MUA HAHAH

Back with New Look

Alrite guys, its over now im officially a finish my uni, not a student anymore. I have lots of time now so tis will be my first after uni post so enjoy..
Before i came to Australia i want my hair to be short so i can save money not to cut my hair, my hair was like tis.

After a few months.. like 9 months of no hair cutting, no gel or wax used, tis is how i look like

ppl have been complaining i look like a girl, i look tired.. messy la... alot so ive decided to cut it, well it took me 3 days to decide actually.. hehe
and so me and Evonne walk down the street and look for cheap hair saloon n we found this.

15 minute hair cut.. as lfar as im concern in Malaysia a 15 minute barber is not expected to much.. so we went grocery before i decide again, coz tats the one tat i cheaper than the rest. Its says for men from 15.50.

after grocery i jus go back to the shop n sit. There ! i have decided to cut my hair, im worries it will turn out bad, or hard to communicate with the hairstylist wat i want..

still waiting anxiously for my turn, and when she finishes with one of the customer, she walk to me n ask..

Stylist : Wat do u want ?
M3: Huh.. i want it shot.
Stylist : Shave or Scissors All Over ?
M3 look at Evonne.. thinking not shave pls..
M3: Scissors pls.
Stylist : Shave is 15.50 and Scissors is 22.50

in my mind ...WOOOOOOT !!!

M3 calmly say : Alrite.

So there i am sitting and waiting for her to get ready. First thing she do was she wet my hair and say

How do you even look with you hair like tat ? and she comb it all down cos its so long and thick.

I cant stop laughing when she do tat, and so does she.. coz i look like the beetles !

Saleisha if u guys watch ANTM cycle 9...
While she is at it, she was saying

Stylist : U watch Edwards scissors hand
M3 : Ya
Stylist : See the way he cuts hair.. (moving her hands jus like wat Edward did in the movie)
M3 : YA, HE IS good.....
Stylist : ooo i love Johny Depp, he is cute.. hehe
Oh my, look at ur hair so slippery.
M3 : Huh ?
Stylist : You have healthy hair. Trust me when i finish im sure you will lose a few pounds.
M3 : Hahaha and see better

as time pass.. lookin better and better. I think the stylist in white is cursing me, coz she jus sweep the floor and now its full of my hair.. LOL

and WAH LA !! brand new M3.. oh wait .. look closely

Evonne was saying the back looks weird and ugly, and i ask her wat to do ...

Evonne alwaz wanted to cut my hair and now is the chance