Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My psp Pal .. MUA HAHAHA

Its been awhile since i bought my psp and ive been playing with it all by myself.. but things change, im no longer alone.. mua hahahah...

Lessayno recieve his precious psp and rush to my house. Open it in front of me. Its the newer version of my psp and im excited for him too.

DROOOOOLING... the different of it from my OLD one is..

Its lighter


Buttons higher for more easy button smashing actions

Different way of inserting the memory stick.

Bigger UMD slot, which i dont care, coz i never buy any UMD now


Its jus sad but dont care, now i have a psp mate to play with .. MUA HAHAH


shuifen said...

oo.. psp slim&fit. haha. his one from US or Asia?

Jeremy said...

his one he bought from ebay. is there differences ? but O is his confirm button instead of x

Jessica said...

actually not much difference la. the only difference is, if it's US, then when got problem, have to send back there, very mar fan.

since his confirm button is O (not during gameplay) then it's Asia.

btw, i heard alot that psp slim got many problems worh.

Jeremy said...

isit hahah so far his one no probs yet, hope not if not i have no one to hunt with, we playing monster hunter. ehehe