Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Working As A Kuli

Life is hard in Australia if you dont have money, erm no.. life is hard everywhere if you dont have money. So in order to have a better life here. I work, but not for long. It was recommend by Johnny. The pay was not bad AT FIRST. 120 aus a day. From 7am till 4pm. It takes about 45 minutes to reach there. I have to stay in Hermins (soccer fren) hse in the city coz there is no train in my area tat goes to the city at 5am.

Here is wat i do..

Well actually not tis, its jus me and Johnny posing after we finish out work. The real thing i did was tis..

First take all grab some wood and align them nicely. After they are nicely align, tilt your head to see the video wats next

and after the machine gun stapling, i need to stack it up till it reach 100 and call someone to toll it away.

I cant even finish 100 the first time, and on the second time i improve, and then the bad news come, they said they are going to charge 50 cent a piece i make, n i was like .. WAT !!

the second time i did 120 pieces which they still pay me 120 aus but i never go back anymore coz its gona be 50 cent for one the next time i go. NO WAY !

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