Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mac Os Leopard !

Recently Apple came out with a new operating system, I want one, and so i did.

Time to instal.. WOOO HOOO

Hours later.. its all done and im so happy to try out the new stuff.. n here are some of it.

New Dashboard

A new function called STACK, where u put it in ur dashboard and make your desktop looks cleaner without any icon on it coz all of it is in stack

Time Machine, automatically back up all you files for you, even you have deleted it,weeks later u can still retrieve it. External hard disk require

by pressing space bar on ur keyboard, u can view the contents of the file straight away without opening the supported sortware, example pdf, doc etc

no more jpeg icon anymore, you can actually view the content of the jpeg now which windows already had tat feature long time ago.

view files with style

Spaces, erm.. lets you create a few 'monitor' so tat u can have much bigger space to do your work. Try it to understand .. LOL

and and tis is damn cool for font lovers, now u can jus press print on any font chosen and they will automatically help you layout nicely.

and new and improve photo booth, drag and drop any background and you can fake your way to anywhere.

But i discover something, apple is also trying to let us know they are not as white as u guys think, simply jus put the packaging of the leopard software togeda and

MEOW ..!!

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