Thursday, February 26, 2009

Eat your mother.

Yeah.. recent got back tis long long lost video from Han. and also not showing my blog is dead. I need to post something. HAHAHA.

Watch la the video. Its a remake from god of cookery.

Here is the video, we were so bored doing out final project and we filmed this. It was filmed during midnite.. hahaha.

and above is the Ng.. so enjoy la.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is tis the end of my Bread Dou ?

look at tis fella. He is damn happy.

look at my Bread Dou. He is damn sad.



sikit lagi

Thats why.

Now my bread Dou is part of my work place wallpaper.

its a masterpiece

done by another Jeremy.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Work

Some tahu, some sikit tahu, some setegah tahu.. but now u all tahu.

Im working d. Permanent d. No more freelance, no more waking up late on weekdays.

but alot more jam, like everyday. Its a norm. Have to pass sunway toll every morning. but but but luckily i like the place im working at for now.

here are some view of my work place, its not as beautiful or chunted or super as i want it to be,

and yes we are using emac, its like erm.. a pentium 2 for a pc. And guess where am i sitting.

But working here is fun. not being bias. U be the judge.My motto here is AS LONG YOU DELIVER

so basically i can do watever i want, i can listen to music, msn, makan snacks, sing out loud,order pizza, order McD, and during CNY period we even gamble. But at the end of the day make sure the tasks given are done.

But mayb its because its the first few weeks. I might be free now but mayb not later.. so i have so much time on the first week that i had nothing to do i did this.

pugde (hooker) from dota. HAHAHA.

I even brought my Bread Dou to work and leave it thre. Colleagues were playing with it forcing each one to eat, then dirty liou mai wash lo. MANATAU

Wash liou the paint came out and now it became BOTAK BREAD DOU.

Oh im call 'che tai" (mrs che) in canto in office becoz AD is also called Jeremy so i need a new name. Cant use Jt coz they say i dont look like Justin Timberlake so i said Jtai, n AD twist it abit and it became che tai.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Meaning of CNY

Memandangkan tahun ini tahun Lembu utk cina.. i caught a bull like cloud.

Chinese New Year has alot of hidden meaning. The word CNY for us chinese is very very important.

CNY = Cleaning 'N' Yelling
Before the real CNY come there is a Pre CNY where u need to clean ur house, paint, pimp your house and get ready for humans to come. Parents will nag and sometimes yell at you to clean your room. Wat i did was paint my Dark Water ceiling.

see or not macam shape of a bird bird.

then i dun dare to touch this brush. BER STD !

but because we were not tall enough to reach the ceiling we need to stick it to a broom.

Painting is easy but then covering the floor is erm... time consuming..

tat is why we decided to make a super big piece and made a tunnel with it


after covering the floor, we start painting

and i went downstairs an do some touch up on my front door.. half an hour later i went back upstairs to the tunnel and..

tis is wat i saw.. alot of signs

these are what the signs say..

so i have to find an alternate route... but its an impossible route. sorry i was laughing when tis pic was taken.

its tiring and dirty

but outcome... SATISFACTION.

CNY = Closeness Never Yawns

Yeap its the time of the year where you go back to ur hometown

not you but the entire KL humans.. SIANS!!! indian malay chinese all balik kampung.

my kampung is in Malacca and as we grow older place like this is getting less interesting.. but still each time i come back, it jus bring back all those fun memories we had during childhood.

used to be our most scariest place on earth. The well. It still gives me goosebumps now.

and hometown is like a gathering hall for all relatives.

Gather for breakfast.

Lunch. Teatime.

Dinner and supper. My moth did not stop moving or empty throughout my stay in my hometown.

after dinner its time for each and everyone to take turns to sin ka lan. hahaha. Sharing and story telling.

and also gathering together to watch movie, scary movie.

oh and not to forget pray for our ancestors and then buy 4 ekor from the numbered joss sticks.

fireworks.. judging by my bro's look, he is planning a route to escape after lighting up the firecracker.

and others jus close their ears.

u say la.. with all the fun and excitement and relatives closeness, how can u get boring and yawn. Tats why Closeness Never Yawns.

CNY = Chonker Not You

U never want to be a chonker, coz u want to win money and chonkers percentage of winning is not high. Tat is why no ones like being a Chonker.

We gamble alot during CNY. We played


Mah jong.

we played everywhere, when there is empty space, we will buka table.

Tis year we did something different, we played with chips.

alot of chips, enough for everyone who wans to gamble. One thing about chips are its nice to hold. U dont see how much u spend. And u cant get caught by the EYE EYE.

thanks to Kien Wei for all the chips.

And tis year the most heat card game we place is Texas Poker.

And there is alwaz a winner and a loser. Pic above shows the winning face of a winner and a losers face who is pretending.

and of course everyone is jealous of the winner, thinking of kicking them.


Julians Star Wars Mighty Muggs collection


and i have to give this fella an award. AWARD for thinking too much in poker. AHAHA ah yeh... hmm... mayb its his name Ah Yeh... hes slow.

and wats CNY without Yee Sang. Its a must !

Lou with families

Lou with frens

and Lout with more frens.


k now i gtg sleep liou. TMR IS MY FIRST DAY OF WORK !!! OMG !!! EXCITING !!!