Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Work

Some tahu, some sikit tahu, some setegah tahu.. but now u all tahu.

Im working d. Permanent d. No more freelance, no more waking up late on weekdays.

but alot more jam, like everyday. Its a norm. Have to pass sunway toll every morning. but but but luckily i like the place im working at for now.

here are some view of my work place, its not as beautiful or chunted or super as i want it to be,

and yes we are using emac, its like erm.. a pentium 2 for a pc. And guess where am i sitting.

But working here is fun. not being bias. U be the judge.My motto here is AS LONG YOU DELIVER

so basically i can do watever i want, i can listen to music, msn, makan snacks, sing out loud,order pizza, order McD, and during CNY period we even gamble. But at the end of the day make sure the tasks given are done.

But mayb its because its the first few weeks. I might be free now but mayb not later.. so i have so much time on the first week that i had nothing to do i did this.

pugde (hooker) from dota. HAHAHA.

I even brought my Bread Dou to work and leave it thre. Colleagues were playing with it forcing each one to eat, then dirty liou mai wash lo. MANATAU

Wash liou the paint came out and now it became BOTAK BREAD DOU.

Oh im call 'che tai" (mrs che) in canto in office becoz AD is also called Jeremy so i need a new name. Cant use Jt coz they say i dont look like Justin Timberlake so i said Jtai, n AD twist it abit and it became che tai.


Jessica said...

lol where is yur working place? i hate using sunway toll in the morning because it jam like hell. same thing also coming back from there. urgh.

Jeremy said...

oooo hahaha. Dun hate it. jus relax.. im working at kelana jaya central sauber place,

Charmaine said...

i still dunno what's sauber. or bisen...
happy working lo!