Friday, October 31, 2008

A Secret

This is a cake,

A cake made by Evonne.

One slice is always never enuf.

Bought a book, another book that was recommended by Oprah, yes i love Oprah, hahaha, when i was in Ausis, one of the programme i watch the most.. Oprah.

Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

I prefer this book than the The New Earth

Why simply because its more colourful, thinner, easier to understand

and bigger words, im not used to reading books, kekeke. So cant blame if i fall asleep sometimes but hey im trying.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

psst... psst... PSsss !!

Finally after 2 years of its existence in this world, it came to our very county, Malaysia.

Its officially launched here in Malaysia, and after lots of thought i finally have the courage to go to the Sony center to get one.


By carrying the box and walk around MV jus makes me feel good, seriously, jus like girls carrying their LV bag and walk around.

First thing i came back and did was... DUH ! buka it la !

but was surprise with the packaging, i thought there will be alot of canggih compartment ah, some cool locking system ah this and that, manatau i took out the box and PLOP my controller fell out... hahaha one compartment for the machine n the other one for wires n controllers... tats it... but who cares !

drool.. so shiny man the face plate... so so shiny... i tried to stay calm and relax but not making any noise or shouting inside my room.

Games was quite pricey so i ended up onli getting one FIRST..

Staying calm i slowly one by one plug in all the cables.. (my heart is actually beating damn freaking fast, very exited)

and wah la ... !!! damn crispy graphics ! damn chun ! even my Granma dont believe im playing the game.

oh btw, i got another controller which is still in its box because i have onli one game and its onli one player.. HAHA.

if you see someone like this on the street looking like this its jus me, not sleeping for days playing PS3 !

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

NIA... MUK !

My room got alot of mosquitos problem... alot..

I cannot tahan them flying all over the place when im doing my work, sucking my blood.. damn bisen.

Because of them, i have master a few moves in killing them.

Very first Skill
and basic one which everyone knows is

The clap

very easy to master but sometimes u might hit too hard n hurt urself.

Second Skill

The Grab

Use most when one hand is on the phone or 'not free' . Best used for mosquitos that are slow, those damn full ones.

Third Skill

The slap.

U have to have great accuracy in this, one of the best way to kill them, slap then n they will go pening, then its when u can either step them to death or if you like abit of torturing.

but the best is still the tennis zapper.

this is the amount of mosquitos i kill in a day, using the zapper of course.

And one fine day, when i was staring on my wall for no reason, i notice a trail of ants... very frustrating, first mosquitos n now ants !

i followed them, dint kill them first... quietly

go through my Wall-E and Eva..

Spiderman... and then...

to the corpse pit that i collected from all the mosquitos i killed for about 3 weeks.. gone gone my hardwork gone.. the ants stole all my hardwork... kanasai man... hilang man.. all the ants left for me was the legs and wings...

if i try to kill them now, they will b panic and run all around my room so i waited for them to finish stealing my collection, and then find where they are going.. n those that lost their way back.. KILLED !

bout my mosquito problem i was gona call Z the zapper (mosquito superhero) to help me out, but the mosquitos problem is solved and now i need an ant killer superhero.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dance For Dreams, Full Review

At last, my nail from my big toe came out...

wah quite long d the toe.. since perhentian..

Yeap, been working on this so called gona be big event, very busy with all the things. But all my hardwork following this aunty was very disappointing. The day before we were busy like hell, once again doing more than jus a graphic designers job, helping her pack this and tat, do some final adjustment before the event, and still working on the artworks that has not been printed yet... CRAZY I TELL U ALL CRAZY...

Here is the full review now about the event.

First Press conference, work out good, very nice alot of people turn up, onli 2-3 from the press, the rest are manusia sendiri. So i think its sort of fail to get the messages out to the public bout this event.

Second press conference was held in Tangs 2 days before the event start which is also failing halfway.

Once again manusia also takde, but there is Tan Sri and instructor from the states came. But i think manusia sendiri is more than the press, onli one review from The Star which i think is too late.. hahaha

Call me up nite to do the signing ceremony thing... also no uhm wan when they sign, onli few of us clapping or hitting flies i think. So another Failure.

Then here comes the tiredness part. We were suppose to go help during the day before the event. I was excited, i went there early in the morning, help to do some stuff here and there, waiting for her to prove my work for printing.. need to print the souvenir booklet for gala dinner which fall on saturday, 4 days for the printers to do it.

while waiting for aunty to prove the artwork which always turn up late and never apologize, i had something else, a special invitation for the vips.

wait and wait and wait, nearly tertidur and saw her, try to grab hold of her ans she says she wans to have lunch... KNN, nvm lo.

Continue to do my work lo, in the meantime hoping some familiar faces pass by One World Hotel. Suddenly saw Tsu Ann... hehehe and chat chat abit.

Stayed there the whole day. And artwork was still not approved. Haiz so printer now has one day lesser to print. Kasihan.

During the nite, we need to pack up some t-shirt with some nutrient pack konon (one oatmeal sachet consider nutrient pack) speechless. She was suppose to gip us a briefing today and briefing has no content.... everything say can settle wo.

these are jus half.. no no i think jus quarter of the stocks of t-shirts.

End of a tiring day, went out makan with Wen and we start to keh poh bout our Aunty Boss. Thanks for the belanja. KEKEKE

The next day, i was actually excited to turn up early, but i was alone there at 7, and problems start coming, i was wearing a the yucky orange committee t-shirt and one security guy came ask am i from d4d n i say to myself 


He told me our store room was not lock and he need to report bout it and called me to check is there anything lost. After that i quickly change back to my normal tee. Dont want to handle anything anymore. HAHAHA. I smart i brought 2 shirts along. AH HAHA.

Then i look at those seminars room.. wah banyak grand.. dunno for real or not..

First session.. sadness, orange is our committee member, the one wearing normal cloths are from the vendors. Onli 4 paid to come in for this seminar.

Second session, better crowd but still there are orange shirt. Tan Sri Zaleha turns up too.

while there were dancing, im playing the slides, stopping the music changing cds.. tis and tat.

the vendors can come in to join the dance is because, there were no one outside our so called shopping carnival outside the ballroom foyer area.

Tulan part was, i was force to go One Utama to pass out flyers with one aunty.... sudah lah i know the place not happening still want to bluff people to come in. LOL i went One U and onli gave out a few.

Lucky blood pressure stays normal after all those not enough sleep, tis and tat.

Food provided was suck to the max.. haha.. vegetarian man.. wei vegetarian... wah lau cannot tahan... i prefer Yumeko's  vegetarian so much more.

Cause of the sucky food, cannot tahan need to go for supper. Went mamak with Wen and Edmund. Earlier on the Aunty came out with this idea tat we are giving away free tickets to the carnival. And while we are suppering dont know who suggested to gip it to people there makaning.

Wen approach the people on the next table. I did not do anything, i had enough with the flyer thing in One U.

And this uncle Edmund here is so into it (who believes people actually gave an island to aunty in Dubai) pass to everyone in the mamak tat day.

End of day 1. I was actually still hoping it will be better the next day.

and once again.. kasihan crowd...

Shopping carnival crowd.. pity the MC aunty hired.. hahah ngong ngong cakap there but he is good, hahaha.

It was so bad tat Aunty decide to give away free dance classes to pull crowd in.

The onli thing i think was worth was the talks from Doctors tat Prem called in. Was very very informative, and also the dance i learnt from the Ang Moh free during the seminars.

Then after tat again, sucky dinner which i cannot tahan, ask for another supper session, but need to follow Wen n Wynette to buy cloths for gala dinner. (hahaha)

Introducing, Wynette and Yt.

M3 and Wen. We keh po keh po about Aunty so much.. so many things happened and all the missing pieces begin to form a better picture on what kind of character this bloody Aunty is. On tat day onwards i was jus hoping i can get my pay, we chit chat till 3am plus...

while they were chit chatting i saw this... wah go cyber better rite.. got internet sumore... cut throat ah pinjam electric.

End of a long day 2.

Was suppose to ponteng todays seminar and not go cause of all her lies, but still, i want to go see the crowd n need to pass them something.

was surprise with the crowd, but it was expected to be more according to Aunty. Suddenly those people from the hotel came down... they want to call of the event immediately, why, bounce cheque from her.... WAH LAU !!! my money no more d i think.... no more d lo.... but dunno how she manage to buy some time. And the gala dinner will be on next day. Will it going to be cancel. All of us are curios. The most ticket sold was on Gala Dinner, so we jus cross our fingers.

On tat very nite, knowing so much of Aunty and helping so much to fight till the very end, we went to de-stress, went for karaoke session.

Really dint care about anything and jus be crazy

sing our lives out.. lol all the lyrics we change to things related to Aunty and brained wash Uncle Edmund... LOL

I was the one holding the mic most of the time hahahaha....

End of day 3. A fun day.

Day 4, well as expected.... GALA DINNER WAS CANCEL... souvenir booklet printed, rush for her day and nite, printer burn midnite oil for her .... but lucky it dint happen also, my souvenir i did got typo error.. hahaha PHEW.... but still dint have enough, suppose to carry the stocks of bloody many t-shirts to sunway but no way... im not doing it anymore. LOL

The next day. Woke up at 5 am. Get ready to Sunway Lagoon. Suppose to have briefing at 6 am. But KNN aunty dint turn up again.

Lucky we have Tai Kah Jie, Wen there to guide us on what to do. It was still a mess because all this are all last minute and there are no instructions given by Aunty.

Aunty expected 18000 crowd on tat day.. but not even 3000 turn up, even with free tickets. 600 of them are from the Chi Gong community which was amazing but turn out annoying when they were there for more than an hour.

Si..... fu..... tai chi..... na chi.... lai.... (dunno wat were they saying but ya) For more than an hour..

another very busy day, walk here and there...

Handling so much complaints that i dont know how to answer.

Jus look at this pasar malam last minute signage i did... look at the display... cannot tahan man.. so ugly... Aunty standard

But we really did a great job, without Aunties help.

Lucky onli 2000 + crowd.

we have dance competition Jabawokeez wanabe, ahahah

even the kindergarten kids came for the competition. Felt sad for them to come to such event, but if its not for them joining the competition it will be deadlier event.

Drawing competition which nobody jaga.. hahah when i was walking there i saw parents helping their children. AHAHAH. When i sampai they quickly sit up and start to pura pura point point at the childrens work.

look at the drawings... so nice

Treasure hunt.. really last minute planning for this. Wanted it to be like amazing race but cakap je dari Aunty again no action from her.

strange thing is, i dunno where Aunty got this singers... hahah seems to attract some teenagers..

was a hell of a day... and sales was very bad... not good at all, and the stocks are as high as mountains.. but i dun care although i felt sorry for Uncle Edmund who is sure gona do the clean up, but i have to be selfish and not help on the stock, Ive already come back for the carnival to help her out.

It was really a damn good experience for me, i learnt alot and meet alot of great people, so i would like to thank Aunty for bringing all this ppl to me, i wont tell her face to face, LOL.

p.s lucky M3 n Wen manage to get our pay, but was expecting more, but at least we have something.

To see the different side of this event story u can go to Wen's blog.