Friday, October 3, 2008

Gayers Day Out.

To all the pharmacist starting work Monday (6 oct 2008)..

Welcome to the cruel world of working..

Toh came back and rite after that he wanted to go Mid Valley the next day, being his gff is really damn lucky, he wants to bug a hand bag for sf.

Haiz... all i got was jus a jersey (shared with Julian) and then this

a shiny little crystal earring i steal from him.. hahah

U see la sf.. u see la u lucky or not.. i jealous lo...

Its been awhile since all of us went out together as a gang.. no girls. Walk around the whole MV looking for his precious handbag.

Me and Julian recommended him LER SPORT SAC (according to julian) and so he did.

i recommended this design.. haha

Sf tis is wat i said to the promoter.

M3 : Nah Toh pilih ini la, (looking at the promoter) dia puya gf jual dvd, banyak bagus simpan duit.

But toh did not follow my advise... ahaha, so he continue in search of his handbag for sf. And finally got it.

Ah Wai was puzzling why does all girls like lesportsac so much... and still he dont want to get one for Nana, but he volunteered to be ah tohs qc on the bag.

Ah toh celebrate with his muka bisen that reminds me of something.

Same thing happen 4 years ago, temanning him all around penang to look for presents..

Look at the Metrojaya bag.. wat do you see.. read it out loud now

how many of you got it rite, Its says BERAYA BERSAMA MERTROJAYA ! Bad typo hahaha first time i look at it i said berjaya bersama metrojaya.. and the promoter laugh at me.

When toh is done doing with his shoppig, its time for us to lepak around, we went MPH

Found tis book, really WTF hahah is fuel so important.. if it is.. if im the author of this book there will onli be one page. Car Pool.

i guess fuel is really important, even one of the power rangers is holding the petrol hose.

toyrus next..

there is tis hit thing recently among ah wai, julian and justin. Playing rubiks cube. So happened there is a 7 step guide booklet free to take in toysrus. I took one.

THIS BABI IS SO WORRIED, DONT WANT ME TO BE MORE INTELLECTUAL, DAMN PISS (dunno why also) Snatch my booklet and destroy it and celebrate it as if he has destroy the whole formula of rubik and onli he himself knows the solution to it.

each time we see this toy it jus remind us of someone.

Went back home and then took picture with Ah tohs new dog. Tis is my first time touching a husky.

Jus look at the eye. Prettynya.

She even know how to smile to the camera.


Jessica said...

i dun like le sport sac (or whichever how to spell it). and be ah toh gf really so hang fok man wtf. but i also hang fok la. yuu see my size. lol.

Jeremy said...

haha yeah la.. im a guy i also jealous man...