Thursday, October 2, 2008


Before i start heres a side story.

Usually when i go out he will be damn happy, coz he knows i will sayang him when i go near him. But not today, he stay there and keep his cool... something is very fishy bout him...

look at his paws and straight away i know he did something wrong. Look around the garden and i saw..

This. Kanasai dug a hole here.

when i open up my garden door he run straight back to his cage coz he knows he had done something wrong.. haiz how to pukul him leh seeing him so smart.. haiz..

Okie now.. all my footie stuff rosak recently..

this so called Pires shoe has be with me for almost 4 years. It was my birthday present from the gang.

but it gave up on me recently, damn sad, i love it so much...

i dont think i can find back this exact design anymore, but i really love it.. score alot of goals with it but i think i miss more goals and did alot more stupid mistake with it too.

but wat next tat rosak is not as heart broken as my boots but more to humiliation.

it might look like some ordinary pants i wear for footie, but things can be ganas during the game.

it started up as a small hole before we start playing. I was so proud of tat hole i keep showing everyone.

Rite after i did something wrong during the game, i sense someone rushing towards me..and

zzzzzzaaaappp.. Toh teared open, making it wider... and now i have to play with my pants torn, like im wearing a skirt.

It doesnt stop here.. after the game, once again i sense someone rushing towards me and it was too late when i turn my head around to see....

DOUBLE TEAM by toh and julian, each on a side pulling my whole pants !

leaving onli my exposing big ass with my underwear still attach (phew) and a piece of cloth on my waist.

I dont usually bring an extra pants to futsal but so happened i jus brought one along with me, really felt lucky and weird coz seriously never once i bring along an extra pants but for today.



Jessica said...

omg and yuu take these photos OUTSIDE! i mean, everyone can see right?? or no one there?

anyway, since it's on yur blog, many ppl also seen it already la i guess. lol.

Jeremy said...

hahaha.. yeah took it in the public area... but then not much ppl ler tat time.. all soccer players onli hahaha