Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Charity Event

Sorryneska, been very busy lately, this is what i have been busy with, in this post there are 2 stories. The first story is wat the public sees.

This is wats going to happen, eventually this event was from the States, and my boss (aka Aunty) so happened had this opportunity to do it and she decided to make it big. Not only with the States line dance seminar but also a charity event.

Here is the price list of all the seminars. For my dear readers i dont think anyone is interested in line dancing but if you do, mayb you can give a try. Basis 101 is for beginners. What i recommend to participate on is the D4D Carnival at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach. ONLI SURF BEACH AREA. But rite after 12 noon if you are interested to continue on to go to other parks of Sunway Lagoon, there will be a 50% off for all the tickets price.

The good thing is for all the event that you participate you will get a T-shirt for free.

It was on all the main papers in Malaysia, The Star, Sin Chew and Berita Harian.

Jus look at the sponsors and supporters we have.

The charity will go to this 3 recipients.



And now for the things the public might not know...

Working with this aunty is really pain in the ass. I was a freelance graphic designer at first, eventually secara tidak langsung i became one of the committee member. Yes im paid but not much. All of her old committee member have already leave her, and you can imagine how teruk she is.. haiz... im the onli one that is surviving. The thing i salute her is, every time someone leaves she manage to get somebody back in the next day.

Eventually im doing more than jus designing like her pa for awhile, then do mock up, work with the web designer, work with the printer, handling customers call, knowing the event, listening to her scold ppl and boast.

Jus look at the work i have... and not all are used... everything i do is all last minute, coz aunty is so damn busy that she have to decide all the stuff last minute and there are alot of stuff she overlooked !

most tulan part is, aunty keep insist to have 36 logos (goodluck konon), the supporters and sponsors doesn't accumulate to that number and she insist so i have to fake it.

If you have visit the website, it looks better the first place but something happened between the previous web designer and aunty, we have to change it and now everything has change, i think the website is uglier now.

I think i better not talk so much bad things bout this event after all im still in it. HAHAHA. You might be wondering why dont i quit earlier. Its because of this story i heard from the Cancer society.

The story goes like this...

This kid has cancer.. and he was about to pass away. Mona (person in charge) ask her wat is his last wish and he said, Chocolate, A Robot, Comic and Chicken Porridge. It was very late at nite, Mona was only able to get some chocolates and the robot toy. The next day.. the boy was already half paralyze, Mona manage to get all the stuff that the boy wished for, he was very happy with his toys and with his condition he was reading the comic happily, few hours after that the boy passed away.

At that moment it made me realize that, Im very very lucky, looking at my spiderman collection, people around me...the boy jus wished for such simple thing. I felt very sorry for him and it really saddened me how lucky i am to have what i want and live a happy life. The boy was only 9 years old, and he has been in the ward for quite some time. Everyday there are kids with the same condition dying.

Thats why i have promise myself to try not to think of all the trouble work im going through with this aunty and try to do my best to help these kids. CHARITY CHARITY CHARITY my motto.

i have also come across these kids while attending a meeting, and made me think of that poor cancer kid. Wonder how he looks like...

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