Tuesday, October 28, 2008

NIA... MUK !

My room got alot of mosquitos problem... alot..

I cannot tahan them flying all over the place when im doing my work, sucking my blood.. damn bisen.

Because of them, i have master a few moves in killing them.

Very first Skill
and basic one which everyone knows is

The clap

very easy to master but sometimes u might hit too hard n hurt urself.

Second Skill

The Grab

Use most when one hand is on the phone or 'not free' . Best used for mosquitos that are slow, those damn full ones.

Third Skill

The slap.

U have to have great accuracy in this, one of the best way to kill them, slap then n they will go pening, then its when u can either step them to death or if you like abit of torturing.

but the best is still the tennis zapper.

this is the amount of mosquitos i kill in a day, using the zapper of course.

And one fine day, when i was staring on my wall for no reason, i notice a trail of ants... very frustrating, first mosquitos n now ants !

i followed them, dint kill them first... quietly

go through my Wall-E and Eva..

Spiderman... and then...

to the corpse pit that i collected from all the mosquitos i killed for about 3 weeks.. gone gone my hardwork gone.. the ants stole all my hardwork... kanasai man... hilang man.. all the ants left for me was the legs and wings...

if i try to kill them now, they will b panic and run all around my room so i waited for them to finish stealing my collection, and then find where they are going.. n those that lost their way back.. KILLED !

bout my mosquito problem i was gona call Z the zapper (mosquito superhero) to help me out, but the mosquitos problem is solved and now i need an ant killer superhero.


wen said...

eh halo! why didnt u throw away the dead mozzie? so geli! no wonder got ants! ask mommy to install mosquitos screen lor.. it works!


oh yeah, i notice shoes boxes? better not collect, who knows got ant kingdom there..

Jeremy said...

haha my room bo windows.. jus tat they all alwaz have meeting in my room,

and the shoe boxes tat is not my room, itu lain kawan and he is not collecting dead mosquitos hahaha