Friday, October 31, 2008

A Secret

This is a cake,

A cake made by Evonne.

One slice is always never enuf.

Bought a book, another book that was recommended by Oprah, yes i love Oprah, hahaha, when i was in Ausis, one of the programme i watch the most.. Oprah.

Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

I prefer this book than the The New Earth

Why simply because its more colourful, thinner, easier to understand

and bigger words, im not used to reading books, kekeke. So cant blame if i fall asleep sometimes but hey im trying.


Jessica said...

so nice the cake! makes me feel like eating cake right now!

eh when yuu finish the book, review abit k? my brother told me the movie is nice. i thought wanna buy since got recommended by oprah but somehow.. the book dun really attracts me.

Jeremy said...

the book actually tell you how to believe in something u do and sort of teach you not to think of negative thoughts so that you will be happier something like tat. Then it teaches you how to overcome all those bad temper ah, this ah that ah semacam lo. Will alwaz have example.

Jessica said...

ooo. so it's actually a non-fiction? and it's inspirational?

so what do yuu think so far? is it good? useful?

Jeremy said...

hm... if you practice it, it might be useful. HAHA so far am trying to do it. Kekeke. But the things said its easy to understand but might be hard to apply in ur daily life.