Wednesday, October 29, 2008

psst... psst... PSsss !!

Finally after 2 years of its existence in this world, it came to our very county, Malaysia.

Its officially launched here in Malaysia, and after lots of thought i finally have the courage to go to the Sony center to get one.


By carrying the box and walk around MV jus makes me feel good, seriously, jus like girls carrying their LV bag and walk around.

First thing i came back and did was... DUH ! buka it la !

but was surprise with the packaging, i thought there will be alot of canggih compartment ah, some cool locking system ah this and that, manatau i took out the box and PLOP my controller fell out... hahaha one compartment for the machine n the other one for wires n controllers... tats it... but who cares !

drool.. so shiny man the face plate... so so shiny... i tried to stay calm and relax but not making any noise or shouting inside my room.

Games was quite pricey so i ended up onli getting one FIRST..

Staying calm i slowly one by one plug in all the cables.. (my heart is actually beating damn freaking fast, very exited)

and wah la ... !!! damn crispy graphics ! damn chun ! even my Granma dont believe im playing the game.

oh btw, i got another controller which is still in its box because i have onli one game and its onli one player.. HAHA.

if you see someone like this on the street looking like this its jus me, not sleeping for days playing PS3 !


Jessica said...

haha. congratulations! finally got yur ps3!

yuu know that time my bro bought the second controller, manatau next day the dual shock come out already. wth.

Jeremy said...

ah haha wow tat alwaz happened, damn sad

wat games ur bro bought, i think alot in buying games now really do alot of research, hahaha

Jessica said...

haha yeah cuz dunwan regret after buying it right?

now he got, GTA IV, burnout paradise, dynasty warrior 6 (jap), MGS 4, DMC 4, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Heavenly Sword, folklore, soul calibur IV, NFS prostreet.

i think that's about it.

Jeremy said...

Wah bagus not bad, banyak game jugak kekeke. Am getting little big planet heehehe.

Jessica said...

oh my brother is getting it too. i guess those who interested in designing (art) just like this game? haha. and i missed out one game. he also got midnight club LA.