Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Driving Range.

Before i start there are a few side stories


Im officially Julians kawan karib. HAHA. Its recognise by the government. LOL. He needs it for his pharmacist work.


I donated RM 20 to this event. RM10 for me n my family and RM10 for evonne and her family.


My hard time has jus ended, during those period i realy did not spent enough time with my dear dear, both of us are having hard times, because mine jus ended, i would like to take this opportunity to tell Evonne that no matter what happens i will alwaz be there for her and support her even though im busy sometimes.


i was damn busy this few weeks, but i think i will still be busy but then will find some time to blog now and then, hehehe

Went Driving range few weeks ago. U can sort of know who knows how to play and who doesnt. hint - the gloves.

Julian, hmm ada glove.. ok pro

Kin Wai... hmm... ada glove.. ya pro.

M3... hmm hold the club also cacat abit... hm... beginner.

Toh, definitely not pro !

we had some classes from the pros, and it turn out quite shiok when u really know how to drive.

Jus few tips and tricks all of us can play till so gaya d.

but i dont know how i hit the ball.. it went up like a loop and fall back on the ground jus few centimetres away from me. I think tis is gifted and its special.

Record of tat day was 100 meter for me. But because of my cockiness i bet with toh a meal and i lost to him because my special skill (loop the golf ball) took over.

Oh oh.. n i forget to mention, Wais obese bro was there too playing but wasting golf balls like us.. hahaha


Jessica said...

lol. quite a surprise to find our julian and wai play golf. at this age!

golf is not really my type. i only went a few times driving range with my dad then i quit. lol.

Jeremy said...

hahaha all also act pro onli .. hah they jus started onli

kin wai said...

wat sooo surprise u mother fucker

Jeremy said...

tis is definitely not kin wai.. jess i leave it to u to find out who tis really is.. i think u should know who he is.. hahaha there can onli be one. LOL

Jessica said...

lol. toh?

Jeremy said...

haha pandai pandai la kamu.. hahaha