Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Glow worm tunnel

SPOT day

Glow worm was a sudden trip we made when i was in Sydney.

We have from left Xing Wen, Justin, M3, Tofu (dont know his real name) and


The distance to glow worm from sydney will take about 3 hours of driving.. its far and also we have to rent a 4wd car coz the will be some off road track.

Thats why we rented Hyundai Tucson.

Half way there we felt we were kinda lost.. and we stop by an information center to ask for directions. It turns out we were on the right track.

and so we reach there and we have to walk in to the cave.

so we walk all the way in while enjoying the scenary

its not a easy walk but its fun.

we even need to climb stairs, steep stairs.ARGH.. can see how sian Justin is

quite happy when we reach tis sign, shows tat we are not lost, jus abit more further.

and then when we about to reach.. suddenly justin shouted.. SNAKE !!! thought he was joking but its real. The feeling is totally diff when u see a snake in the wild and a snake on screen.

it was on the middle of the road. What can we do?

After everything was clear. We contiue our journey. WOO HOO

At last we are there.

Tis is how the cave look like when we are inside, taken with flash.

Tis is how it looks like without flash.

spotted tis weird looking droplets inside, dont know wat it is but there is a glow worm inside which i dont think you guys can see here.Oh oh.. if you havent see how weird looking a glow worm is.. here is how it looks like.

but because its dark inside all you can see is their beautiful asses glowing.

Its beautiful. Like stars in the sky but nearer to you.

we walked all the way to the other side of the cave.

nothig different from the way we came in. so we jus walked back and tis is the end of our journey.
When we reach home, i was curious whether the snake was poisonous or not so i went wikipedia it..

The snake is called the Red-Bellied Black Snake (so straight forward)
Although the Red-bellied Black Snake is docile, it will strike if provoked. Bites from Red-bellied Black Snakes are potentially lethal and require immediate medical attention. Tiger Snake antivenom is used to treat bites from red-bellied black snakes. While black snake antivenom can be used, tiger snake antivenom can be used at a lower dose. The smaller dose is cheaper to produce, and is less likely to cause a reaction in the patient. The Red-bellied Black Snake (when compared to other Australian species) is comparatively low in relative toxicity.

thinking back wat i did to the snake, nearly cost me my life.AH AHAHAHA

Wonder brush

SPOT day

When i first see tis brush i thought it was for the toilet tiles but its

one of my friends tooth brush..not telling whose..nuff said

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Eye testing.

SPOT day

Ive got tis email from Evonne and i find it interesting. Its to test your eyesight, and i think alot of people have seen it.. but to those that have not, take a look.

If you can see it.. you are good but if you cant.. dont worry. Here is the solution.
try pulling the corner of your eyes as if you were typical Chinese. like this

Im very sure you can see wat it says clearly.

Eating Spider(MAN)

SPOT day


My brothers friend, Tet Leons brought 2 fried spiders to our place. It was from erm.. Laos..(if im not mistaken)

It was deep fried with a layer of sweet covering it. but if you look closely.. the hair on the leg is still visible..

How nice if they shave their leg hair first before deep frying it.
Well.. here goes

My bro, chris ate half of the body without hesitating....eugh.. my turn now..

argh. i cant do it.. earlier i have tried one of the leg.. and i can feel the hair stuck in y throat... tats why i cant do it...Julian and me tried only the leg and look at his face...

Its tasted sweet and abit like Ba gua..

I would have become spiderman if only i finish the whole spider.. but i jus ate the leg and i might become end up like tis.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Boxing day


Right after christmas its called the Boxing day. And in my mind i thought it was the day where boxing tournament is held.

But now ITS NOT.. boxing day is actually (from wikipedia)

A day when stores launch one of the year's biggest sales. Boxing Day has become so important for retailers that they often extend it to New Year's Eve.

People will turn up in front of those shopping comlex and actually line up and wait for the store to open. ITS A SUPER SALE THING ! but we dint go there early to line up. Reach city at around 10am and the crowd is more than normal. Wanted to get a ds but its not as cheap as they say... coz i have to convert it to RM. But i think to them its cheap.

Weird rite.. christmas day.. no one at all.. the second day everyone came out .. hehehe

Branded stuff looks so cheap on tis day... everything is jus on the sales bin...

even the under garments are all on the floor...

EVERYWHERE... the underwears are all on the ground everywhere i go.. hahah
i jus enjoy seeing and i dint buy a thing.. exspensive if i convert it to RM.

Christmas.. a ghost town in melbourne


Christmas is Melbourne is a big thing. VERY big. Its so big tat NO SHOPS ARE OPEN !!

lucky we bought our grocery the day before. Scary.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


SPOT DAY by leeq

Hey all.. its been a busy since i came back from malaysia.. dint have time to blog.. and finally i have the strength and determination to stay in front of my mac to blog. But still i will talk bout things tat happen to me in melbourne coz there are so much to tell. As u all know i was doing nothing during the last 3 months when im in Melbourne. So i have lots of free time. When I have free time, i will do anything to kill time. So i followed Yi Xiang to fishing.

Well we have to get ready alot of stuff before we go. Why do we need to get ready? coz we are going to ride bicycles there, how far isit ? let me show u.

Need around 50 Minutes from my place to the pier. Depart at around 6pm

Reach around 7. Sweat like F**k, damn tired but worth it coz its so so beautiful.

oh ya before we went fishing, i went and buy tis fake bait. Says to have blood smell, and when i took it out.. really smells like blood and the smell is really terrible, worst than blood. Cost me 10 aud for tis. Hoping i can get better fish than Yi xiang.. hehehe

Time to get ready for fishing.

Tis dog jus came and jump in to the sea.... imagine how hot the weather is.. even the dog cant stand it..

Time pass.. its almost 9 pm and still nothing.. not even a nibble.

Starting to get sian and then... we reel back the bait back to throw further. Surprisingly tis little fella..

was on the hook for quite some time.. and it dint even fight back, tats y the bells we put on dint even move a bit... its so small tat we have to throw it back into the sea.. haiz.. and the we wait again...

1am... still nothing.. and we jus gave up and my bloody 10 aud bait is useless. Time to prepare to go home.. another 45-50 minutes ride back.
scroll up to look at our bikes... there inst any light rite ? its becoz tis bike has been pimp

We duck tape the light we bought earlier. HEHEHE. It was fun riding back home with the lights.. but once again tiring.

buts its worth the experience.