Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Eating Spider(MAN)

SPOT day


My brothers friend, Tet Leons brought 2 fried spiders to our place. It was from erm.. Laos..(if im not mistaken)

It was deep fried with a layer of sweet covering it. but if you look closely.. the hair on the leg is still visible..

How nice if they shave their leg hair first before deep frying it.
Well.. here goes

My bro, chris ate half of the body without hesitating....eugh.. my turn now..

argh. i cant do it.. earlier i have tried one of the leg.. and i can feel the hair stuck in y throat... tats why i cant do it...Julian and me tried only the leg and look at his face...

Its tasted sweet and abit like Ba gua..

I would have become spiderman if only i finish the whole spider.. but i jus ate the leg and i might become end up like tis.