Thursday, February 21, 2008

Boxing day


Right after christmas its called the Boxing day. And in my mind i thought it was the day where boxing tournament is held.

But now ITS NOT.. boxing day is actually (from wikipedia)

A day when stores launch one of the year's biggest sales. Boxing Day has become so important for retailers that they often extend it to New Year's Eve.

People will turn up in front of those shopping comlex and actually line up and wait for the store to open. ITS A SUPER SALE THING ! but we dint go there early to line up. Reach city at around 10am and the crowd is more than normal. Wanted to get a ds but its not as cheap as they say... coz i have to convert it to RM. But i think to them its cheap.

Weird rite.. christmas day.. no one at all.. the second day everyone came out .. hehehe

Branded stuff looks so cheap on tis day... everything is jus on the sales bin...

even the under garments are all on the floor...

EVERYWHERE... the underwears are all on the ground everywhere i go.. hahah
i jus enjoy seeing and i dint buy a thing.. exspensive if i convert it to RM.


Julia said...

u really love ur spidey huh?

Jeremy said...

HAHAh sure la
heheh if not i wont collect so many.. hehehe