Wednesday, January 21, 2009

OK ok la... here is to our frenship anniversary.

Out of topic

went to tohs place to help him paint his door grill.

and ended up decorating the road near to his hse. So now u guys can have another landmark to go to Tohs place.

OK neway back to topic. I think someone is jealous of me making those sweet post. So i will now make it up to him, will have this anniversary of our frenship.

Nah here's our almost 8-9 years of frenship. (i dunno its been long)

i put abit of effort trying to portray our lego look alike. Guess whos who. Happy 8-9 years frenship Anniversary


Monday, January 19, 2009

Exactly 5 years from now. (AGO) TUKAR TUKAR !! MALU SIKIT

... yes.. on this very day something magical happened

it all started as a tease, rumor, anything and because of that, i notice that someone special.

started to sms her..

and she replied, it goes hour by hour, day by day non stop.

And one fine day i asked her out for a date.

we went for a movie, magic kitchen.

no idea wat was the movie about because i wasnt paying any attention at all, onli thinking "grab it grab it" GRAB THE HAND NOW !

n yeah the movie was very short to me coz i still need more time... i dint do it... hahaha so we went home, drove slowly

still thinking of it, went supper and then drove her bak and still i did not do it.

when we reached her house.. i dont want to wait no more an dont wana miss the chance...

i asked her... can u be my girlfren !

and YES SHE SAID YES !! i was so happy tat i ask her for a hug. hahaha

Im sure u guys know who im talking about, hehe its M3 and Evonne.

Its been 5 years and still we have a long way to go.

During this 5 years there are ups and downs,

but its always easy to patch things up because of you being so understanding.

i can never ever imagine letting go of this love but will alwaz bring it closer.

ur smiles still melts my heart.

as tis will not be the end, let us grow the love we have together.


p.s no lego was abuse, damage or destroyed.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The day I Cant Stand Still

Guess where we are going ?

On this particular day, no one dont know where we are heading.

Yes we drove all the way to PD with those writings on my car.

Not onli it state that we are going to PD but all other craps. Its a one day trip thingi.

Reached there and its not time to check in yet so, we did some activitess while waiting for them to clean up our room. We played ping pong.

Bought a small goal post and took us like 15 minutes to put this goal post together. Clearly show we cant be a constructor.

See the goal post.. hahaha and our spectators.

i got the pictures from Julian and i found this picture... dunno wat is he trying to do ? lol i thought it says Horng at first but when i stare at it longer it says Horny.. LOL

After we check in we head to the beach straight away. JET SKI !!!

There is not even one nice couple that we took that day.. thanks to Tohs great idea trying to destroy all the couple pics.

He is everywhere


so in the end we force him to take a solo pic, and we show our asses to him.

The infamous Group pic.. a must in every top naked occasion.

er... jus for fun and random.

dinner time and easiest, steamboat.

after steamboat we had some games, and some vodka, I was the victim tat nite, everyone jus wans me to be drunk. and i did.

after a few drinks things start to get blur and i start to get high.

This is a prove tat i got really drunk.

During tat time things i have said
Ngo hou sohai x 8-10 times
Hit Ah Wai x 2-4 times
Did group hug x 7-9 times
Slap Toh really hard x 1 time
Got slap from Toh x 1 time
Did victory chant Ah....... WAI ! x 4-5 times
Took off my pants x 1 time
Talk x Non Stop time

and i cried.... got sentimental with gangs while sleeping,

imagine u are damn tired and that bloody mosquito keep bugging u... flying to ur ears zzzzzz...zzzzz... eeeee...zzzzz... Yeah i am that mosquito but bigger, way bigger.

everything turn back the way it was, cook leftovers steamboat dishes with maggi, indomie..

Ah Wais new recipe TUNA WITH INDOMIE .....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I need to stay in Tohs favorite list so therefore i need to start blogging. AHAHA

First of all.. yeah i know... DAMN DAMN DAMN long rite. So now im gona make tis a super duper long post with stuff im up to till present.. ready.

FIRST off, something really interesting, read this on The Star newspaper n curios on wat isit n how it looks like.

Look how big this thing is... u wont know wat its for... its for guys. Something to do with ur quiet time.

this is how it works. Jus check out the price and wat it does here


I was there.. I was there when this happened !

to be frank it was quite scary but its really interesting... (i know im not suppose to say this)

While shopping we heard a loud crash and then a shout, we were like 5 steps away from the top floor and we walked out to see. And there she was a lady (which we thought it was a teenage) lying down moving abit.

Saw the arrow she was there, then minutes later her face turned pale white, worst than snow white. A fella giving CPR n we know she is done for.

sad to say it was said the lady suffered from depression.


Again went shopping again. Cannot tahan the way this car was parked !

Ist not even a parking lot, really obstructing the way,

So we left him a saman. Hope he knows what he has done wrong and never do it again.


Driving back one day, seeing smokes around my neighborhood, panic, drive quickly to my house, first thing i thought of was, hm...SHIT !!! my spideys !!!

Turn out it was jus those gas they spray for killing mosquitos.

Lucky did not call the fire brigades. I was quite close of picking up my phone and call.


Realize that Justin can draw when he was young.

Look at his body. He can really draw

but not R2D2..


Its been awhile since i step foot into a lab. Followed Ah Wai to his college, telling people who pass by me
"HI, Im Chia Kin Wai"

seeing him using all those canggih equipments brings back memories when we were in secondary. Spot the penunu bunsen ? spot the air suling ? ah... the air suling best equipment to make fun of frens...


Went to a Warehouse Toy sale,

Notice anyone familiar there ?

Was quite cheap, all collectors was aiming for transformers, but i couldn't find any interesting stuff,

really nearly wanted desperate almost, hahaha spiderman 3 diorama that cost 1k..

but nope.. not working yet ! cant get it now, so instead, got M3 a Stan Lee spiderman for RM 45.


Downstairs no more.

Say bye bye to my old room. Oh Oh and my printer died on me.... babi.

shift upstairs which im still not use to yet

but hell yeah im getting more and more comfortable with my new room upstairs.


Say BYE BYE to freelance

got a job at butter & bread. FYI not the one in Gardens Mid Valley. Its an advertising agency.


Got Max to be horny

Not easy

He dont like it at all

he gave up later when he knows im not gona let him go after i got a pic of him getting horned

Best pic i got.


First game i finish on my PS3

Metal Gear Solid 4, its also my first Metal Gear series that i finish.

Superb graphic story, cleavage, and gameplay

Now jus thinking whether to sell it or not.


My first broken Spidey... sad

2 fingers broke from one of my spidey bust.

I manage to stick it back, looks as good as it was before it was broken but.. i accidently hit it and

it fell and the fingers keluar balik !!! my heart was like scattered !

so i stick it back again but now its noticeable but not so obvious la. He is fine and in good hands.


Collection update.

got these 3Age cute figures.

Have to get in a set so these are those I dont want and wanted to sell. Each for RM 40.

My very first Medicom RAH figure. Venom from spider-man 3.

Spidey and Peter Parker.

Peter Parker mighty mugg from Hasbro which was said to have onli 3333 produce and im one of them to have it. Thanks to Kim.

HEHEHE phew.. actually there are alot more stuff happening which i wan to blog. So stay tune, im back. Hope i still can be in the favorite list.