Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The day I Cant Stand Still

Guess where we are going ?

On this particular day, no one dont know where we are heading.

Yes we drove all the way to PD with those writings on my car.

Not onli it state that we are going to PD but all other craps. Its a one day trip thingi.

Reached there and its not time to check in yet so, we did some activitess while waiting for them to clean up our room. We played ping pong.

Bought a small goal post and took us like 15 minutes to put this goal post together. Clearly show we cant be a constructor.

See the goal post.. hahaha and our spectators.

i got the pictures from Julian and i found this picture... dunno wat is he trying to do ? lol i thought it says Horng at first but when i stare at it longer it says Horny.. LOL

After we check in we head to the beach straight away. JET SKI !!!

There is not even one nice couple that we took that day.. thanks to Tohs great idea trying to destroy all the couple pics.

He is everywhere


so in the end we force him to take a solo pic, and we show our asses to him.

The infamous Group pic.. a must in every top naked occasion.

er... jus for fun and random.

dinner time and easiest, steamboat.

after steamboat we had some games, and some vodka, I was the victim tat nite, everyone jus wans me to be drunk. and i did.

after a few drinks things start to get blur and i start to get high.

This is a prove tat i got really drunk.

During tat time things i have said
Ngo hou sohai x 8-10 times
Hit Ah Wai x 2-4 times
Did group hug x 7-9 times
Slap Toh really hard x 1 time
Got slap from Toh x 1 time
Did victory chant Ah....... WAI ! x 4-5 times
Took off my pants x 1 time
Talk x Non Stop time

and i cried.... got sentimental with gangs while sleeping,

imagine u are damn tired and that bloody mosquito keep bugging u... flying to ur ears zzzzzz...zzzzz... eeeee...zzzzz... Yeah i am that mosquito but bigger, way bigger.

everything turn back the way it was, cook leftovers steamboat dishes with maggi, indomie..

Ah Wais new recipe TUNA WITH INDOMIE .....

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