Monday, January 19, 2009

Exactly 5 years from now. (AGO) TUKAR TUKAR !! MALU SIKIT

... yes.. on this very day something magical happened

it all started as a tease, rumor, anything and because of that, i notice that someone special.

started to sms her..

and she replied, it goes hour by hour, day by day non stop.

And one fine day i asked her out for a date.

we went for a movie, magic kitchen.

no idea wat was the movie about because i wasnt paying any attention at all, onli thinking "grab it grab it" GRAB THE HAND NOW !

n yeah the movie was very short to me coz i still need more time... i dint do it... hahaha so we went home, drove slowly

still thinking of it, went supper and then drove her bak and still i did not do it.

when we reached her house.. i dont want to wait no more an dont wana miss the chance...

i asked her... can u be my girlfren !

and YES SHE SAID YES !! i was so happy tat i ask her for a hug. hahaha

Im sure u guys know who im talking about, hehe its M3 and Evonne.

Its been 5 years and still we have a long way to go.

During this 5 years there are ups and downs,

but its always easy to patch things up because of you being so understanding.

i can never ever imagine letting go of this love but will alwaz bring it closer.

ur smiles still melts my heart.

as tis will not be the end, let us grow the love we have together.


p.s no lego was abuse, damage or destroyed.


Jessica said...

shouldn't the title be, "exactly five years AGO"? hahaha. :P

this post is so sweet. and it's funny too! esp the part where yuu wanna hold her hand. hahaha.

happy 5th anniversary to yuu and evonne! :D

Charmaine said...

i must try get an artistic bf. happy anniversary and many,many more to come!
wah, like birthday wish only. i might as well....GONG XI GONG XI!!

Jessica said...

charmaine, yuu're so funny! hahaha.

Jeremy said...

hahahaha APA !! lol.. GONG XI GONG XI. LOL
Ill help a look out for u charmaine. KEKEKE.

Charmaine said...

wahliao. like most my friends all trying to help me find bf only. i appear thaaaat desperate meh?? aiyaiyai...