Friday, June 29, 2007

Hair Review

Banyak orang have been coplaining with my hair.. but then im proud of it, Why u ask ??
coz i can do lot of stuff with it, it looks worst then the one i have. Enjoy the hairdo i can have. Tis time no one at the back of me. 100% my own hair.

and when evonne came in ad ask me wat im doing, she started to play along, things got carried away from my intension, i jus want to make my hair ugly but turns out..

well since i have go beyond wat i never thought of, why not choose a photo and do some photoshopping on it and come out with a new poster for shiong hoi tan.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wats wrong vit the picture ?

Look at tis picture. See wats wrong with it. Tis picture was taken when we were on the train.

Tips - Im in australia

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Buddha's Day.. IN AUSIE ..!

Went to city to check out wats buddhas day about.. then when sampai there... ooo veli nice. colourfu n nice. The reason i know about tis budhas day is becoz my housemate yumeko, is working there as a volunterring worker.

i know my hair sucks big time and im the winner of gayness hair in the world.. WHO CARES.

then ii saw these whole lot of MONCHU KAKAK.. lol.. and im thinking i cant stand here.. i mus go in the picture. There are alot more KAKAK.. we have MOGOLIAN KAKAK, A BALLET LIKE KAKAK, KOREAN KAKAK all the KAKAK u ca think off but not buring kakak.

so i jus stand beside the group of kakak.. sadly no one is looking at the camera as if i did not exist in tat picture.. then suddenly

Hey look at him so cute, lets all take pic with him.. lol

but the oh the pic doenst look rite coz of my outfit, mus do some changes.

ah... much better

Pompuan gila tattoo ..

I was walking down the street
singing dam didi du
singing do we do dididi dam didi du
and then i saw...

so i was thiking which type of tattoo and how will i look with a tattoo on my face ..

nvm jus stick back to my own face.

Monday, June 18, 2007

WAH ..!!! so eyecatching (for guys)

When i first went to chapel street, i was thiking to see somthing erm erm how to say.. more revealing and more OPEN here. But then cheh i onli saw this.

CHUI ...! Malaysia also got la, Nicer summore the place.
After tat continue walking all the way down the street... and

CHUI ...! Malaysia dun have la, but ot ngam channel.
Inside this shops sells all the Gay books. Not interested.

Then went to the train station, and saw these moving billboard...
Oooo.... not bad not bad... nice nice...

Then the first time i went to city.. my eyes jus got attracted by all those X word tat they have on the shop signage.

the first one i saw..

another one..

satu lagi

WOW ..!! tak henti henti !

And it wrote there 2 dollar for live streaming.. 2 dollar, but then i dun have the guts to go in. So i thought my frens will be coming over this winter and mayb we might giv it a try but bo orang datang, so whenever i pass by i will jus stand there for a sec and think wat it looks like inside.. and walk away miang miangly.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

I dint know spray paint can do tat !!

It was way back time, me and evonne went to city to jalan jalan.

Then i see a bunch of people gathering at a corner. U know lo those 8 ppl those kind of feel. So as 8 as i am i have to gather vit them also and then i saw....

all these piring piring and plates all on the floor. Try to sqeeuze my way to the front and WAH LAU YEH !

Tis guy is doing a space like pairing using his spraypaints and those piring and old news paper, pape lama, sau kau pou chi..

The finishing is speechless. His kehebatan makes me mus gip him some coin.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Buat Apa Tak Blog Banyak ?

hehehe. Now is mua si holiday. Why so late update blog le. Coz i got assigments during my holiday. Yes assignmets. Wat assignment leh. I created it myself. Im busy doing something for my own satisfaction. Sini i show preview abit.

So far i have finish & characters and im still doing. Here are some of the characters ive finish. Let u all see abit abit first. after i finish all i will kasi show all.. but i dun think anyone is iterested anyway .. LOL especially Toh !! but i will still show


Black Cat

Black Cats outline


Doc Oct


And last but not least Sandman..
Currently working on Rhino.MUA HAHAHAHA


Milnana is a typeof product i recently found out in the supermarkets. Its not called millnana actually. Its called milk flavouring straw. And the flavour is Banana. So i decided to name it MILNANA. Its a straw where u put in ur milk and u sip through it and u will get the flava.There are 5 different types of flava but today i decide to try on banana. This thing actually win b4 some dunno wat award product

Mari kita buka dan tengok

Put it into the milk and start sipping

see the tip of this straw theres a triangle shape like thingi. It actually block those balls. The balls are the flavoring thing.

Weird rite.. let me tell u how this thing work. After all my reasearch and also ive been into chemistry class when i was in secondary. Its not a waste of 2 years for me coz i figure this flavouring thing out vit my chemistry knowledge.

Milk Atom has positve and The balls of banana flavour has negative atoms. So when both of them meets, Milk Atom suck Bananas Atom and form A Milnana Molecule.. and then Banana takes over Milk and form a Big Banana.. i know some of u wont undersand here is a diagram i prepared..

an it makes the taste so banana like as if im sucking it from a banana.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Gold Digger

Tis post should come after Ballarat wild life park.. coz tis is where we go after wildlife park. HEHEHE. Sovereign Hill is a place where they have lots of gold mine and now i can say no more.. so its now open as a tourist place for us tourist to be fooled by them saying u can mine gold here. Its also a place where we see how ppl from the past ( i called them old people) the way they lived,dressed and the stuff they use to mine gold. Its an OLDIES place. U get the point.. OLD

the weather is still hot as the sun shine upon me.. we dont have tat weather now..

the waiting line is like OMG.. full of manusia on tat day.. dunno why.

First stop . yo can take pictures vit the bg old fashion style.

Old fashion weapon, I dint know Yuna bought her weapon here.

And i dint know human are use to be their horse

Some sing along on my way..

As u can see venom was on my body first before it went to Peter Parkers.
And off to gold digging time.. look at the pic below and u will find out who is the tourist tat kena conned tat u can actually find gold..others are jus posing so tat they hav been here but some are really here for the gold... neh the yellow bag..

But actually u can buy it gold from the shop nearby which is oli 5 dollar..

Mua hahaha. carilah saya..

Oliver twist wanabe

and tats the end of out day trip.