Friday, June 15, 2007

Buat Apa Tak Blog Banyak ?

hehehe. Now is mua si holiday. Why so late update blog le. Coz i got assigments during my holiday. Yes assignmets. Wat assignment leh. I created it myself. Im busy doing something for my own satisfaction. Sini i show preview abit.

So far i have finish & characters and im still doing. Here are some of the characters ive finish. Let u all see abit abit first. after i finish all i will kasi show all.. but i dun think anyone is iterested anyway .. LOL especially Toh !! but i will still show


Black Cat

Black Cats outline


Doc Oct


And last but not least Sandman..
Currently working on Rhino.MUA HAHAHAHA

1 comment:

shui fen said...

i am interested!

let me guess. yuu are actually illustrating the chibi (small / cute) version of the spiderman characters?

the spiderman is so kawaii~!!! do show the rest of it when yuu're done!