Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Return of M3..

At last today i finish all my stuff. Handed up alll of my assignments. the few days back was a nitemare to all of us, but its been a fun time and im sure this will happen again next term. Days pass by so quickly. Even my sandman i built ask for my forgiveness and bit by bit he flew away coz he make me lost in tat competition. No face to see me.

I hope i have people waiting anxiously for me to upload new post... lol.. alot have happen within these 2 weeks. Mari kita tengok apa yang telah berlaku 2 minggu ini..

First of all the weather has change.. from windy cold to More windy and cold (winter)

And then there is alwaz stress in doing my work, so n order to relese stress there are level of stress relief.

Level 1 stress relief.
The the lipsync i did on my early post

Level 2 stress relief
Go to the park in the middle of the nite vit my dear dear and yumeko and perform some kuasa halilintar !!!

Getting ready to go out to the cold cold street

Stress Relief Level 3
Takei.. currently takeing dragon ball.

Stress Relief Level 4
Went to uni in the middle of the nite to see other people stress so tat you know there are ppl temaning you. Stayed there till 3 am in the morning and walk home... never think of anything scary coz its too damn cold to think.

In a blink of an eye.. its the day to pass up all my assignments.

Look at the files we need to hand in..

My place is a mess..

Guess whose my lecturer is..

All done. And time to treat myself something nice.

I termakan something mahil tat i onli realize after i eat... i ate seafood spaghetti.. Aus16.. but its m first seafood in aus.. my first prawn, my first mussel, my first lala.. satisfaction but not happy coz mahil..


shui fen said...

is that marshmallow chocolates?! omg omg omg! look so yummy!! X)

hhmm.. is yur lecturer the angmoh lady ah?

Jeremy said...

Yeah but the mashimello not tat great.. yeap u guess it rite.. the ang mo.. veli in rite.. LOL