Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mari Kita Wii

Definition of Wii
-saya dan kamu

So tis gaming console is actually meant to be played by more then one person. If u played alone u look .. erm weird. So we i first came here to ausie, nick has been telling me there is Wii in her place.So happen pei lins bro bought it. So kan chiong to visit her.Tis happens a few months ago. So me n evonne went to her place. Im so excited to get my hands on Wii coz i have never touch one b4.

Dengan cepat i insert the cd into the console, game is call wii sport

Strap the controllers to your wrist and get ready

Player 1 Jeremy
Player 2 Evonne
Cameraman Nichola
Trainer Pei Lin

enjoy the video.. imagine u are playing alone.


Jessica said...

eh. how come the video cannot play smoothly wan. jam jam like that. somemore no sound worh.

but it looks like really fun leh! hahah!

Jeremy said...

aiks.. i also duno mayb try volume higher.. let me take a look..