Friday, June 15, 2007


Milnana is a typeof product i recently found out in the supermarkets. Its not called millnana actually. Its called milk flavouring straw. And the flavour is Banana. So i decided to name it MILNANA. Its a straw where u put in ur milk and u sip through it and u will get the flava.There are 5 different types of flava but today i decide to try on banana. This thing actually win b4 some dunno wat award product

Mari kita buka dan tengok

Put it into the milk and start sipping

see the tip of this straw theres a triangle shape like thingi. It actually block those balls. The balls are the flavoring thing.

Weird rite.. let me tell u how this thing work. After all my reasearch and also ive been into chemistry class when i was in secondary. Its not a waste of 2 years for me coz i figure this flavouring thing out vit my chemistry knowledge.

Milk Atom has positve and The balls of banana flavour has negative atoms. So when both of them meets, Milk Atom suck Bananas Atom and form A Milnana Molecule.. and then Banana takes over Milk and form a Big Banana.. i know some of u wont undersand here is a diagram i prepared..

an it makes the taste so banana like as if im sucking it from a banana.

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shui fen said...

hahha. such chemistry theory also yuu can come up with! good job good job! lol.

btw, do get the other 4 flavours and review about them next time if possible! X3