Sunday, June 24, 2007

Buddha's Day.. IN AUSIE ..!

Went to city to check out wats buddhas day about.. then when sampai there... ooo veli nice. colourfu n nice. The reason i know about tis budhas day is becoz my housemate yumeko, is working there as a volunterring worker.

i know my hair sucks big time and im the winner of gayness hair in the world.. WHO CARES.

then ii saw these whole lot of MONCHU KAKAK.. lol.. and im thinking i cant stand here.. i mus go in the picture. There are alot more KAKAK.. we have MOGOLIAN KAKAK, A BALLET LIKE KAKAK, KOREAN KAKAK all the KAKAK u ca think off but not buring kakak.

so i jus stand beside the group of kakak.. sadly no one is looking at the camera as if i did not exist in tat picture.. then suddenly

Hey look at him so cute, lets all take pic with him.. lol

but the oh the pic doenst look rite coz of my outfit, mus do some changes.

ah... much better

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