Friday, June 29, 2007

Hair Review

Banyak orang have been coplaining with my hair.. but then im proud of it, Why u ask ??
coz i can do lot of stuff with it, it looks worst then the one i have. Enjoy the hairdo i can have. Tis time no one at the back of me. 100% my own hair.

and when evonne came in ad ask me wat im doing, she started to play along, things got carried away from my intension, i jus want to make my hair ugly but turns out..

well since i have go beyond wat i never thought of, why not choose a photo and do some photoshopping on it and come out with a new poster for shiong hoi tan.


shui fen said...

how come there is like a light on yur neck wan?

and yuu look damn funny la! *lol*

Especially the fourth picture. So "hau". HAHAHAH!

Jeremy said...

HAHAH lol.. coz the light on my neck is actualy the heater.. its freezing here so have to on heater..

Shiny!ng said...


Jeremy said...

sure i am.. if not how can i be handsome..