Monday, June 18, 2007

WAH ..!!! so eyecatching (for guys)

When i first went to chapel street, i was thiking to see somthing erm erm how to say.. more revealing and more OPEN here. But then cheh i onli saw this.

CHUI ...! Malaysia also got la, Nicer summore the place.
After tat continue walking all the way down the street... and

CHUI ...! Malaysia dun have la, but ot ngam channel.
Inside this shops sells all the Gay books. Not interested.

Then went to the train station, and saw these moving billboard...
Oooo.... not bad not bad... nice nice...

Then the first time i went to city.. my eyes jus got attracted by all those X word tat they have on the shop signage.

the first one i saw..

another one..

satu lagi

WOW ..!! tak henti henti !

And it wrote there 2 dollar for live streaming.. 2 dollar, but then i dun have the guts to go in. So i thought my frens will be coming over this winter and mayb we might giv it a try but bo orang datang, so whenever i pass by i will jus stand there for a sec and think wat it looks like inside.. and walk away miang miangly.

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shui fen said...

hahah. i can imagine yur face drooling when yuu stopped for a while to imagine! :P

btw, are yuu sure the condom kingdom is the same as malaysia? i remember seeing that they got sell like treaties and candies that are "unique"! LOL.