Sunday, June 10, 2007

Gold Digger

Tis post should come after Ballarat wild life park.. coz tis is where we go after wildlife park. HEHEHE. Sovereign Hill is a place where they have lots of gold mine and now i can say no more.. so its now open as a tourist place for us tourist to be fooled by them saying u can mine gold here. Its also a place where we see how ppl from the past ( i called them old people) the way they lived,dressed and the stuff they use to mine gold. Its an OLDIES place. U get the point.. OLD

the weather is still hot as the sun shine upon me.. we dont have tat weather now..

the waiting line is like OMG.. full of manusia on tat day.. dunno why.

First stop . yo can take pictures vit the bg old fashion style.

Old fashion weapon, I dint know Yuna bought her weapon here.

And i dint know human are use to be their horse

Some sing along on my way..

As u can see venom was on my body first before it went to Peter Parkers.
And off to gold digging time.. look at the pic below and u will find out who is the tourist tat kena conned tat u can actually find gold..others are jus posing so tat they hav been here but some are really here for the gold... neh the yellow bag..

But actually u can buy it gold from the shop nearby which is oli 5 dollar..

Mua hahaha. carilah saya..

Oliver twist wanabe

and tats the end of out day trip.


Jessica said...

HAHAHA!! that yuna weapon look-a-like. what is it actually? something made of rotan? really looks alot like her weapon. hahha!

Jeremy said...

haha i think tat thing is for people to like .. pukul pukul the matress so tat the dust keluar.. something like tat