Saturday, June 16, 2007

I dint know spray paint can do tat !!

It was way back time, me and evonne went to city to jalan jalan.

Then i see a bunch of people gathering at a corner. U know lo those 8 ppl those kind of feel. So as 8 as i am i have to gather vit them also and then i saw....

all these piring piring and plates all on the floor. Try to sqeeuze my way to the front and WAH LAU YEH !

Tis guy is doing a space like pairing using his spraypaints and those piring and old news paper, pape lama, sau kau pou chi..

The finishing is speechless. His kehebatan makes me mus gip him some coin.

1 comment:

shui fen said...

hahah. 10 cents or AUD1 coin? :P

anyway, from the pictures really look damn nice and yeng! too bad i can't view the video now. connection sucks like hell.

shall view it the next time. if i still remember. hahahha. ^^;;;