Friday, January 11, 2008

Time when Linkin Park was famous.

Before i show u guys anything here is spidey pose of the day.

Alrite, do you all still remember Linkin Park, im sure everyone does.. everyone was playing it, singing it and watever you can think off. It was years when me and my crazy frens are still in secondary. I first bought our video camera which i dont know where it went now.. it was so fun to have something like tat around recording almost everything we can think of. And wat im about to show is something we wil never forget. Tis video was actually gone for like ages and then ive got it back from Nick(My couzs) fren. I have to thank her for it becoz for helping us distributing it around so it wont vanish.. LOL
Here is the video and its a MUST WATCH

Pay lots of attention to John after he take out his shirt at 1.36 min.PAY SUPER ATTENTION at 1.54 min, the quality is abit jagged there.. so LISTEN.


shuifen said...

hahaha. omg. damn funny!

but i can't noticed what jonathan do..

Jeremy said...

He broke my window glass.