Monday, December 17, 2007

A Partay ..!!

And here I am back again, was busy going places the past few weeks/months. Ok, ok. Tis pary happen way back time. Weve got invited to a bday party.

It was on the 30th of november, me and evonne was invited to a bar called SO BAR, the whole place was booked for the event and tat is for Biljanah aka Bambo bday. WOO HOO..

when we reach there we were given a coupon to order any drinks we like. Well we sat at a corner, sipping our drinks looking around at first. and then came Bil with a challenge, SHOTS

Its my first tequila shot in my life ! so excited MUA HAHAHA when there is once there is alwaz more.. and then came evonne and fionne togeda..

No one was drunk. And later on, the cake was carried out

well i got to say her cake is more funkier than my 21st bday cake.

rite after the bday ritual the the liquor starts to kick in, i felt abit high.. LOL

all my dance dance revolution move from ps2 started to come in LOL which i dont think its nice.. but who cares..

moments later Bambos family gather around and start doing the macedonian dance, which is kinda cool and easy to pick up.. heheh it last about and hour

one last pic before we miss the train but i remember taking a limo back

hm... see i have proof.. hmm.. mayb im abit drunk.

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